10$ 12v Air Compressor FAST Review / Safety...

Ebay Air Tools: 10$ 12v Air Compressor FAST Review / Safety & Project Instructions! (Ebay Compressor). Since i’ve seen people interested on this i decided to make a video review of it and give a few tips on how to not start a fire and use this properly and mak…

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27 Responses to “ 10$ 12v Air Compressor FAST Review / Safety”

  1. Foxy The Pirate Fox says:

    gonna get one soon i am gonna rewire it to make it work on a adapter so i
    can plug it 10 bars is a lot of pressure and its not 100 euro’s or more 

  2. DaveDexterMusic says:

    That is an awesome voice. You sound like you’re introducing tracks in a GTA
    nightclub, and I honestly don’t mean that in a bad way.

    Anyway, I’m thinking of buying one of these so good vid.

  3. felipesmaland says:

    what accent is that?.. dont mean to make fun.. the video seems very
    profesional and the knowledge of the gizmo is very impresive. but im not
    sure if its a troll or not because of the accent…

  4. Mukesh Deotale says:

    how to plug that air compressor direct to the main power supply at home.i
    don’t wonna use my battery up.please make me a review

  5. MrF3nox says:

    do you work at the airport as one of those voices calling out names?
    good video tho

  6. Nikola Boskovic says:

    +truebassB +truebassB Friend, is any possible to create vacuum pump with
    air compressor ? (Compressor for painting )
    Can I ask you something in mail or youtube inbox ?

  7. MrF3nox says:

    man this is hilarious :D
    you pay for the seeping, ovrea itz oustaring for is priiiizze zame dzain
    wit smaller componients 

  8. chang yim says:


  9. maruf shojjib says:

    this guys voic sounds like a troll xD

  10. Usernames Are Overrated (◕‿-) says:


  11. jhon chapter 3 verse 16holybible says:

    I had one like that one lasted 25-30years

  12. seoul101 says:

    Your accent is very good!

  13. R van Toor says:

    That was both informative and amusing, thanks for that !

  14. jhon chapter 3 verse 16holybible says:

    I had a older version of this compressor lasted 25-30 years from sears

  15. orangestoneface says:

    l found a used similar pump 12 v, tried a smallish 12 volt transformer,it
    pumped air but too weak it seemed for the load when blocking the valve
    with finger and tf smoked too, overheating. now l got a big one 12 v, still
    not working , now it runs but does not pump no matter witch polarity, or
    is the motor stationary maybe and vibrating , or did it destroy the gears
    plastic could be. good idea to use a pc power pack. 

  16. sequiro says:

    Run Forrest !

  17. Dulith Pathirage says:

    Can I airbrush with this? 

  18. Ali Muhasyim says:

    I love the way you sound when talking…

  19. خالد المصرى says:

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  20. mibars says:

    Wow it looks ridiculus inside with that tiny 12V motor and even smaller
    piston :)

  21. xX187skillsXx says:

    You sound like a Down syndrome Albanian

  22. redlight44 says:

    you sound like a retard learn how to speak before you open your mouth cause
    it gets annoying after a while

  23. EastendBillythekid says:

    I really love your fucked up voice it’s so cool. Hey I have a question If
    you used a 18V Battery would it make the engine spin faster and fill up my
    tire quicker? And would the motor burn?

  24. truebassB says:

    Yes. For 5-10 minutes continuously depending on the load.

  25. yakir11114 says:

    awsome, that was useful to me thanks

  26. Carma@Kim says:

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    I will bookmark your website and keep checking for new details about once a week.
    I subscribed to your RSS feed too.

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