4hp, 20 Gallon Campbell Hausfeld Cast Iron...

Tailgate Tools Air Compressor: 4hp, 20 gallon Campbell Hausfeld Cast Iron Series Air Compressor. Recent pickup. Going to clean and tune-up, and put this thing to work. Thanks for watching.

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3 Responses to “ 4hp, 20 Gallon Campbell Hausfeld Cast Iron”

  1. Love2boat92 says:

    $25 bucks. Wow. Very good price. Drain it after every use and you should
    have yourself a nice compressor.

  2. formbergm says:

    Nice find. Do you know what is the CFM rating is?

  3. Tɦіs bloց ᴡaѕ…
    ɦоѡ ⅾօ you ѕаaʏ
    іt? Rᥱⅼeνɑnt!!
    Fіnaⅼlу Ⅰ’νᥱ fоᥙnd ѕοmеtһіng ᴡҺісɦ ɦᥱlрᥱɗ me.
    Ƭhɑnk yօu!