Air Compressor Clark Silent Sssh Type...

Clarke Air Tools: Air compressor Clark silent sssh type. Just running a test for my unit. I bought it like 6 months ago but had no idea how to use it until last week. It is smooth and very quite but you have to top…

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3 Responses to “ Air Compressor Clark Silent Sssh Type”

  1. Theorginalredleader1 says:

    Guy wood….your dentist most definatly does use an air compressor.

  2. Theorginalredleader1 says:

    hey jk.i got the same compressor.keep an eye on the on/off switch.the
    pressure switch housing is plastic and it isnt thick enough.therefore it
    can bend a little and the motor can turn itself on when set to the off
    position.i have just got mine back and thanks to the shh repairers it was
    covered in sticky plastic and had scratches to the paint work too. oh
    well…its all working ok all a cracking compressor.

  3. Guy Wood says:

    If my dentists drill ran off an air compressor, I’d run a fookin’ mile!