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Astro Air Tools: Astro Pneumatic swivel sets. OK heres a vid I made on these swivel sets by Astro Pneumatic. And I will give it Snap On or Matco will for sure be better quality! but for the price here ho…

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3 Responses to “ Astro Pneumatic Swivel Sets – Astro”

  1. 07dmax2500 says:

    How do you like this set?

  2. RANS87IROCZ says:

    yeah I should remake this vid, I had darn music playing didn’t think it
    would pick up as loud as it did in vid, so hard to hear what I’m rambling , but yeah set is cheap, looks nice quality though, I have put
    them to use since. I noticed 1 had the little allen set screw in the side
    loose. I tightened up though. also impacted a 10mm on a rusty bolt, must
    say. I couldn’t reach it, but this could with a 10 inch extension and 3/8
    to 1/4 adapter, it didn’t break, and busted the bolt free

  3. RANS87IROCZ says:

    but I must say I like for the price, and place I bought from said he would
    get them warranty aslong as it was still on the market., they do come with
    a warranty, but its limited. the bolt I was getting was a bottom rad bolt,
    in 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee if I remember, but it was near impossible to
    get to, my 3/8 I had was to bulky to get a good angle, and was slipping,
    but then I tried these, thought it might break cause of angle I was trying
    to reach at, plus its tawain tool, but it worked out