Harbor Freight 3″ High Speed Air...

Air Cutoff Tool: Harbor Freight 3″ High Speed Air Cutter (#47077) Test Cut. Testing the Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic 3″ High Speed Air Cutter tool. I bought this today at Harbor Freight for after using a 20% off coupon. I had …

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14 Responses to “ Harbor Freight 3″ High Speed Air”

  1. Thomas Freundl says:

    One comment I’ll make about the Harbor Freight tools is many of the bits,
    inserts, etc.. are junk. Get a better quality cut off wheel and it may do a
    lot better on a larger compressor.

  2. clint rankin says:

    If you read the instructions of the cut off wheel it says you need at least
    a 12 gallon tank. It doesn’t matter what brand cut off wheel you use, they
    all use a ton of air.

  3. Mike O says:

    In this video this tool didn’t perform well. That bolt should have been no
    problem. That thing struggled to cut it off. If I was getting one, I’d have
    to upgrade from that one.

  4. TheOddball53 says:

    Funny, you said it was recommended that we wear ear protection.. WHAT ABOUT
    ME! I WORE EARBUDS! Lol – Seemed like a handy tool though.

  5. vboytan . says:

    get a faceshield! lol I’ve gotten metal so many times in my eyes cause of
    this shit.

  6. keltingr says:

    looks like junk, weak

  7. Sorman26 says:

    I have the very same cutter and it worked just fine for me. I was replacing
    the exhaust system and the motor mount. Believe me that tool did I the job
    just fine for me. However, I have a bigger air compressor so perhaps that’s

  8. Jesus Vazquez says:

    Good tool you just need a bigger air compressor

  9. vboytan . says:

    It hurts on your cheeks too lol

  10. Zerostar369 says:

    Yep, definitely time for a new compressor! Yay, another new tool to buy!
    Thanks for the vid.

  11. shyflirt1 says:

    The glasses I was wearing wrap around and protect me pretty well.

  12. Nick Nutcore says:

    I use this tool with a 30 gallon campbell and it works fine. Also, it looks
    like you’re putting excessive down pressure on the bolt, let the tool do
    the work and it will work better.

  13. shyflirt1 says:

    Don’t know. I was using an 11 gallon, 3.5 HP compressor.

  14. ModelKing1000 says:

    Would a 22 gallon 2.5 Hp compressor work for this tool?