King Air Tools: Slam Rod Fire Starter...

King Air Tools: Slam Rod Fire Starter – Ignition By Air!!. Did you know there’s a way to start a fire by squishing air? In this project we’re building a tool that does exactly that, and with a little bit of resourcef…

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29 Responses to “ King Air Tools: Slam Rod Fire Starter”

  1. MoustacheDilema says:

    Ok after this video this guy is on my zombie apocalypse team!!! >:{D

  2. DesertArizona says:

    I don’t think I want to mess around with some magical rod that can break on
    me, just take a magnesium stick.

  3. DreamCrusher123 says:

    Ooor you could buy a LIGHTER. Also under a buck.

  4. Dante hollow says:

    Bear Grylls should make this

  5. xVoltexZ says:

    for only 1 dollar but you need 500 dollars worth of tools and random shit
    that no one has

  6. The Spiritual Physicist says:

    how do you get to choose the front cover of the video ?

  7. Sam King says:

    I’d rather use my pee to start fires. Much more satisfying.

  8. MrKartoffelTV says:

    which other material can I use except char cloth ?

  9. MisterFuturtastic says:

    Would it be possible to make this with hydrogen in the combustion chamber?

  10. Lipzyncable says:

    lol my last name is tappin hahahahahahah

  11. Mason Brady says:

    Ohhh, I want to do that to a wood tick

  12. Josh James Kiwi Bushman says:

    good work chief

  13. Chris Young says:

    You should make a video about how to make a makeshift emergency kit and all
    the thing that should be put in it

  14. Mehdi Abe says:

    Adiabatic compression anyone?? :P #physics

  15. zasabiibasaz says:

    this guy has the best job ever

  16. Orca Brigade says:

    Hows about I buy one offa you? Mebeh a metal one? >.>… oh come on, I know
    some of you are thinking the same.

  17. manns101101 says:

    Half way through I thought this was a joke. Then I realised he was McGyver.
    Nice tools and workshop too pal!

  18. James Bowling says:

    this needs to be done in slow mo

  19. Mac Ruby says:

    This guy is awesome!

  20. Jordan Patton says:

    Make me one and I’ll buy it for 50$. Please I really want one. 

  21. bmo says:

    This guy’s the McGuyver channel

  22. Mark Walther says:

    are you kidding me? that’s awsome.

  23. devin patterson says:

    this guy’s awsome

  24. Sasha Mashkin says:

    Can I order it from you

  25. shawnio says:

    or you can just buy one off amazon made of steel for 2 dollars and not have
    to sit through this kipkay wannabes videos. ps make your intro over 5
    minutes next time, people love sitting there listening to your nasaly voice

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