Make an Adirondack Chair for Your Home This...

Ch Air Tools: Make an Adirondack chair for your home this summer. Limited tools woodworking project!. Another WWMM limited tools, limited space project! You can build this cool Adirondack chair in a weekend with a jigsaw, a drill, and a few other basic tools….

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27 Responses to “ Make an Adirondack Chair for Your Home This”

  1. Steve Ramsey says:

    An Adirondack chair is a surprisingly easy woodworking project! You can
    make this one in a weekend and enjoy it for the rest of the summer. Limited
    tools / limited space project.

  2. Nick Ferry says:

    Nice to see you back Steve. Thank you for proving to people that I have
    character. Because I do a lot of those “character building exercises” too!
    In fact, it’s about the “exercise” I’m good at.

  3. Phrea Nix says:

    Hey Steve, I have never worked with wood, powertools scare the hell out of
    me, and to be really honest, I have no interest !

    Love your vids tho, seen ‘em all !

  4. vlogerhood says:

    “This is a limited tools project” *gets out pocket screw jig* …

    So as a carpenter (non-professional) I have access to most of the usual
    tools used for these sorts of projects (screwgun/drill, jigsaw, sandpaper),
    and a pocket screw jig certainly doesn’t take up the space a table saw or
    jointer would, but that doesn’t mean non-woodworkers will have them. I
    just feel like this makes it much less an entry level project since it
    requires purchase of a bit of specialized equipment.

  5. Eric Lindberg says:

    Ahh man +Steve Ramsey you’re killing me! 2 weeks ago I put out a Shop Tour
    Video and then I went online and saw you put one out a few days before me,
    then I just got free plans for an adirondack chair and I just came back
    from a 2 week vacation and I see you have a video for one! Haha oh well :-) 

  6. Cactus Chris says:

    Hey, why not make a wood version of the GRRRIPPER.!? Er, would that be a
    conflict of interest. Nevermind, bad idea.

  7. Kurt Schwind says:

    “Cut all the pieces” but you don’t say what ‘pieces’ you are using. Is
    that 1 x 4?

  8. Mark S Burgunder says:

    Reallt enjoyed ths video +Steve Ramsey Let me shout you a beer as thanks
    with +ChangeTip 

  9. Dominic Bender says:

    An Adirondack chair has been on my list for a while. Now there are no more
    excuses left. Thanks for this, Steve! But – skate boards? Way too easy. You
    should do hoverboards, I know you can do it!

  10. XxTomcastxX says:

    Great Chair! Loving the yellow!

  11. Andy Leer says:

    By far the best MircroJig Intro…You’ve outdone yourself.

  12. Chris Williams says:

    I have several character building moments, myself. I am in the middle of
    building some cornhole boards. I was attemtping to add a drink holder to
    the back of the boards. To do so, I needed to cut out a large chunk of the
    rear support 2×4, directly above the drink holder (to make room for
    cups/bottles). I measured and marked where I wanted to arches and straight
    line. The plan was to cut the arches w/ my 6″ hole saw and use the jig saw
    to cut the straight line. Well, it ended horribly. The hole saw wandered
    around like it was on a walk-about. Needless to say, I had to remove the
    screwed, filled and sanded board and will be replacing it with one where I
    do all that BEFORE I (RE) screw, fill and sand it!

    Love the channel and the videos, Steve. I can’t wait to start building
    some of the projects you show on here! Keep up the good work!! MeMo from
    Indianapolis, IN.

  13. MsRmaclaren says:

    Where is your bag of shame, Steve?…..

  14. Phill W Hovey says:

    What is that contraption called that allows you to pre-drill holes at an

  15. Eskmm1 says:

    those arms would be horrible skateboards, way too narrow

  16. scevec15534 says:

    why does the cordless screwdriver always sound as if it ran aut of battery?

  17. serdoskw kw says:

    0:54 what is this

  18. Lam Mat says:

    You’ll save time and energy when making wood furniture if you’ve got the
    specific diagram & step-by-step guides.

  19. hadley321 says:

    Hey, I live in the Adirondacks, these are proprietary to the Adirondack
    Mountains. I will let it slide, as long as they are made in the US and not
    China, lol.

  20. JohnQ1127 says:

    I’m really amazed sometimes at how expensive adirondack chairs are in
    stores. The wood is usually lousy for so called “cheap” chairs that usually
    cost about $50-80 and the workmanship is usually equally lousy. The nicer
    ones with nicer wood and workmanship cost about $150-300.

    I was just thinking that I’d wish Steve would make an adirondack chair.
    This is a great design & very straight-forward.

    I’ve been thinking of making one of these but I couldn’t find a plan that
    liked. Most of the plans on the internet are fairly complex with various
    templets needed to make the cuts and they don’t even look as nice as this

  21. Timothy Hall says:

    Love the honesty about the character building experiences.

  22. EyesofPhysics SRG says:

    Chair is wrong, I don’t see a cup holder. does.. not … compute. Such an
    easy addition, missed opportunity man

  23. kurt bees says:

    hey steve! great show, always making something great. but youre a fucking
    weirdo man.

  24. Horacio Castillo says:

    thanks for show me this beauty job…thanks sSteve

  25. Jorge Carriço Rentroia says:

    Belo trabalho, amigo. Não consigo o desenho dessa cadeira, que tanto sonho
    em montar.

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