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Air Tools Sander: Micro Air Turbine Tool (Cutter/Sander/Grinder). Don’t Forget To – LIKE | SUBSCRIBE | SHARE Since i’ve made the turbine drill, i’ve been wanting to make something smaller and easier to hold. It’s basically …

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18 Responses to “ Micro Air Turbine Tool”

  1. Graiskye says:

    Ill stick with the dremel. Im not doubting your ingenuity and your
    deternination is obviously huge, I just dont see the point to most of your
    projects. Basically you have created a really needlessly complicated dremel
    tool. Dremel tools are something we have loads of variety and different
    types already available. Whats the point

  2. Michael Hastrup Bendsen says:

    Guess someone has been to the dentist huh? :-D 

  3. 30GB says:

    these tools are dirt cheap on ebay, makes me wanna get one and build a rc

  4. Дмитрий А says:

    Звук вообще противный, как на приеме стоматолога.

  5. Silas Marques Ferreira says:

    Excelente idéia. Parabéns !

  6. Edaan Friedman says:

    Happy Forth Of July Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Unknown Entity says:

    Reminds me of a dentist tool.

  8. Ryan Willis says:

    I’m sure there are some fairly significant losses in the drive train of
    that thing, but you should be aware that those dental handpieces are
    designed to reach 600 thousand RPM. With a 7:1 reduction, even assuming 30%
    losses from system drag, that means that the cutting wheel is spinning at
    60 thousand RPM; that’s close to twice as fast as dremels go, and there is
    a very real hazard of the cutting wheel just disintegrating into extremely
    high-speed shrapnel and damaging your hand or face.

  9. johnnyq90 says:

    Micro pneumatic handpiece contraption. What do you think?

  10. Luca P. says:

    very cool but now you make me curious can you make tuorial??

  11. Rangga Hermawan says:

    Micro Air Turbine Tool (Cutter/Sander/Grinder): http://youtu.be/pyOeuV9GJG4

  12. aserta says:

    Really nice piece. Whilst it might not go up there in terms of power
    (observation made solely based on what i’ve seen IE there’s not enough
    power to sustain cutting through that copper piece) it’s clearly a good
    tool for jobs where you really need the extra space and maneuverability
    conventional dremel tools just don’t have.

  13. TheHuntizOn says:

    Great job actually implementing your ideas into a (somewhat novel) but
    actually usable tool. Just don’t go crazy with those RPM. The tool may
    survive but the cutting wheels could shatter (I realize you probably
    already thought of this but an extra reminder never hurts).

  14. Manual do Motor Stirling - Leandro Wagner says:

    Congratulations friend, you are really making each amazing job!
    Greetings from Brazil,
    Leandro Wagner.

  15. Furious Destroyer says:

    What’s the speed thing called to start the tool

  16. Ryan Ragasa says:

    you should sell kits of the popular things you make

  17. Furious Destroyer says:

    What’s the speed thing called to start the tool

  18. xLa nz says:

    you are a genius *-*