Nesco Air Tools: Pneu-Tek Tire Tools Grader...

Nesco Air Tools: Pneu-Tek Tire Tools Grader Tire Demount / Mount Demo (Action). Impact Driven Tire Demounter (PRT) on 24″ X 14.00 Grader Tire Large Tire Mounting Iron and Misc. Tire Tools

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8 Responses to “ Nesco Air Tools: Pneu-Tek Tire Tools Grader”

  1. davewingsnrotors says:

    mate your in cookoo land..try using a brand new firestone with sidewalls like stone!!.the concept is good but in reality that tyre your using is falling on and off so easy i could mount and dismount that tyre with 2 levers in about 60 seconds!!!

  2. SWRGRUNTA says:

    most 14.00-24 tyres these days are fitted to 3 pce wheels i notice you call them rims, rims don’t have a knave plate. the tool looks great for bias ply tyres but they are being phased out. radial tyres are piss easy to strip and fit so you wouldn’t it for them. great concept though.

  3. TIREWIZARD says:

    That tire looks like a 12 ply firestone g-2 l-2, not a 16 ply. I would like to see it dismount a 16 ply L-3 STA or a Samson or etc. Please do, I would like to see.

  4. OchoaRoadrunner says:

    We are using on basically this same tire you just mentioned… yokohama is an off shore brand and we are using a Altura 1400-24 16 ply

  5. OchoaRoadrunner says:

    Thanks for your feed back. We are always looking for more tires to try per our customers requests.

  6. 909MANIACO says:


  7. OchoaRoadrunner says:

    Well you can order these tools using the contact information at the end of our videos.

  8. MrSlasher80 says:

    Wow thats awesome!! Those tools would save me a lot of hard work and time!!