Power Tool vs Macbook Air – Power...

Power Tools Air: Power Tool VS Macbook Air. iDevice & Travel Clothing: www.ayegear.com In this video, I will demonstrate how powerful the Zagg Invisible Shield actually is. I will use the Bosch PMF 8.1 on my Macbook Air (late 2010) – with ofcourse the Zagg already applied; Get your Zagg Invisible Shield from bit.ly – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – Would appreciate if you guys could take interest in my upcoming venture (AyeGear): www.ayegear.com —————————————————- iGlaswegian T-shirts http Visit my site: www.iglaswegian.com Twitter www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com FlickR Gallery: www.flickr.com My OTHER YouTube channel: www.youtube.com

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23 Responses to “ Power Tool vs Macbook Air – Power”

  1. markpeacemagician says:

    Check out his weird bendy for finger finger as well !!!

  2. markpeacemagician says:

    Mate are you bored ?

  3. ShawnEoghan says:

    give me one

  4. KivVer08 says:

    @WorldIpodTouch Just like you :D

  5. Halfun1995 says:

    i dropped a remote on my iphone 4 and suprisingly it pierced through the zagg invisible shield which sucks . it was only from about 2 feet . my experience hasnt been too good with it

  6. Seeeeeoooo says:

    I really hate how u spell invisible CHield :/

  7. Socks170 says:

    why did u buy the bosch?

  8. razorbean says:

    Always loving your vids dude. Britain represent! Lol. You have to keep your eye on a new tablet AndyPad.co.uk I know it’s not apple but check it out anyway.

  9. Tylaaahh says:

    @FockingCamper They do on helicopter blades.

  10. BenignStatue71 says:

    @robsox1337 Trojan Condoms : 99% flexable, 100% comfortable.

    Zagg Invisible Shield: 40% flexable, 0% comfortable.
    I do not have either of these items, but i can estimate the possabilitys.

  11. mistamattjr says:

    **Bill Gates likes this video**

  12. sardo97 says:

    Awww… I though you were going to slice it down the middle. I’m not a apple hater. I have a mac. I just love destroying[ seeing people destroy] expensive things

  13. boldziga says:

    @WorldIpodTouch so are you, sir.

  14. FockingCamper says:

    Why doesn’t the army use this shit?!

  15. ianmolt says:

    ZAGG should make condoms.

  16. robsox1337 says:

    Trojan Condoms : 80% protected
    Zagg Invisible Shield: 100% Protection

  17. eddkahn says:

    Awesome video, now try without the ZAGG on!

  18. Laneybosh says:

    mate your Glaswegian, none of this aloo-mi-num nonsense, al-u-mi-ni-um! top video though, just subscribed!

  19. DanielsSelf says:

    Hey, I’ve used one of these before to trim 1 inch thick wooden floor boards so I can say it is really sharp.

  20. Dean129012 says:

    You’ve got balls of steel.

  21. sidondon2 says:

    you got balls lol OR you just have Macbook Air’s to spare , either way you’re pretty awesome

  22. ilovmc says:

    im sorry but i would lol so hard if it pierced right through and u had a big ass hole in it

  23. xNathy017 says:

    Before invisible shield and after video please ;)