Using the Porter Cable 150 Psi Air...

Air Tools Nailer: Using the Porter Cable 150 psi air compressor and nailer. Using the Porter Cable 150 psi air compressor and brad nailer that comes with it.

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26 Responses to “ Using the Porter Cable 150 Psi Air”

  1. Gina Cervi-Roche says:

    Thank you for the super clear instructions. There are lots of tools you
    could expain. Good Job!!

  2. Liquid bend says:

    Great Video thanks so much … 80psi all you should run on a brad
    nailer ?

  3. silverbellaussies says:

    You’re awesome! Thank you so much for the demonstration. I sat and
    attempted to read the directions for about 30 seconds and then gave up. 

  4. cem8989 says:

    nice video, thanks..i noticed you only let the air out down to 60psi when
    you were done..why not all the air ? thanks

  5. susan verhoef says:

    Break in procedure:
    1.) Make sure it’s turned off.
    2.) Plug it in.
    3.) Open the drain valve (counter-clockwise) fully to permit air to escape
    and prevent air pressure build up in the air tank during the break-in
    4.) Move the On/Auto/Off lever to “On/Auto” position. The compressor will
    5.) Run the compressor for 15 minutes. Make sure the drain valve is open
    and there is minimal air pressure build-up in tank.
    6.) After 15 minutes, close the drain valve by turning clockwise. The air
    receiver will fill to “cut-out” pressure and the motor will stop.
    The compressor is now ready for use.

  6. HereIsScott says:

    Hiya, just a note to say thanks for this. Just got mine out the box,
    instructions were shit. This really helped.

  7. Mike-Michele Bradley says:

    Bought this exact model to blowout lines on RV (winterize), but wasn’t sure
    how to use it. Thanks much for the simplistic illustration. One
    question: can a/c be continuously filled during use, since it shuts off
    automatically at desired pressure? 

  8. zombiepandausa says:

    you’re a big help! thanks so much

  9. Steve Treadwell says:

    Is it true that before you use this compressor(or any compressor)you should
    run it for 15 min with bleeder open to properly break-in motor?

  10. juliasnanabanana says:

    Just ordered c2002. Never used one before. I’m confused on whether I need
    to break it in. PC website lists this model as not needing break-in
    procedure. Comments I’ve read says yes. This widow needs some advice.
    Replacing my fascia and want to do it right the first time. 

  11. Amy Styer says:

    Thanks for the easy to understand video! I’ve had my air compressor for
    two years and have been too scared of it to use it! Gonna give it a shot! 

  12. Diane Lazare says:

    What a superb tutorial! My A/C has been in the box since last spring when I
    bought it. I was totally intimidated by the instructions it came with. Now
    I’m no longer afraid to blow up my house if I use it. Great job!

  13. toonybrain . says:

    Thank you. Easy-going yet instructive video. No bells or whistles, just
    clear, to-the-point instruction. That’s the ticket.

  14. purmages says:

    Excellent vid. Told me exactly what I needed to know. Thanks. 

  15. Kathleen Stringer says:

    I just bought one of these. I can’t seem to get it to charge. How long does
    it take? What am I missing? Also the instructions tell me about the drain
    in the bottom but the thing is frozen shut. 

  16. Richard Defran says:

    Hi Steve, Just bought this unit from HD and your vid was really helpful in
    orienting me to how it works and how to make connections. Much appreciated.

  17. videoarchiveman says:

    informative video.

  18. robealdua says:

    Thank you for the instructions, I had mine for 6 months and still afraid to
    get it out, and my projects are piling up… LOL.

    I would have liked to see how to set it up the first time. I’m having a
    hard time finding that out, and the manual and everyone assumes you know…
    It’s hard for a homemaker with no experience to figure it out on my own… :P 

  19. KMERC007 says:

    I just got this and a lot of reviews are saying that it has to be broken in
    for 15 minutes with valves open. Is this a one time thing or do I have to
    do this each time I will use it?

  20. RAMIRO MERLIN says:

    so thanks for the video very help full

  21. Bryan Pack says:

    I got this compressor for Christmas this year and I was wondering (before I
    start using it) this compressor large enough to handle larger nail guns
    or a impact wrench to take of a tire every now and then? I won’t use it
    that much..but I would like to use it to remove tires to replace brakeshoes
    or anything else with car occasionally. And I’m also looking at making a
    small storage shed, would this run a framing nailer without alot of running
    to get air back up to right psi? Thanks

  22. BautistaVids says:

    Right on, and thanks again.

  23. BautistaVids says:

    Thanks for your video. I didn’t know about the condensation release /
    bleeder valve. I downloaded the PDF manual but think maybe I should review
    at least some of it…

  24. YarYar Yar says:

    Thanks for the informative video.

  25. melarafam04 says:

    Thanks for sharing.

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