Working Safely With Compressed Air (Gory)...

Compressed Air Power Tools: Working Safely with Compressed Air (Gory) from This Video Is Designed To Teach You About The Hazards Of Working With Compressed Air And Compressed Air Powered Tools. This Video Includes Working With Tools…

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5 Responses to “ Working Safely With Compressed Air (Gory)”

  1. 24dropkik says:

    2:19 avulsion!!! Those are so nasty

  2. mwp88 says:

    Good God!

  3. clint rolston says:

    Did they say rectum? Dafuq ?

  4. TheFoleyFan says:

    Sweet :-)

  5. Colin DeBre' says:

    Thank you for creating this as I have been looking for something to show
    workers why they should not use an air to clean themselves off – thank you!