Building a Road With RC Machines Part 1...

Construction Machinery Equipment: Building a road with RC Machines Part 1. Building a road with RC Machines Part 1. Enjoy the video. Get in contact. Regards Google+ Twitter htt…

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24 Responses to “ Building a Road With RC Machines Part 1”

  1. Ghostzlayer00 says:

    I may be a bit to old for those small machines but i would still buy them! 

  2. Isaiah Hargis says:

    whats some good websites that i can buy from ?

  3. XXBattlefield207 says:

    Where can I buy the bulldozer from?

  4. mrbluenun says:

    Impressive stuff, thanks for the upload!

  5. Ryan Sparling says:

    where do you buy these ? 

  6. carlitos hernandez says:

    donde consigo las volquetas y las excavadoras 

  7. Matheus Wingert says:


  8. zach penuel says:

    i actually have a way that everyone can make enough money to be able to
    fund this hobby, completely on their free time +stingray665 

  9. Erik Pariseau says:


  10. matt kokernak says:

    I live in America and I’m on premacon and I don’t understand the Euro
    pricing. What does 8.150,00 EUR stand for?

  11. J Brown says:

    this is damn cool. That bulldozer is awesome.

  12. Jacob Johnson says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:Building a road with RC Machines Part 1

  13. JohanRuler! says:

    is the haudralics on the excavators etc real? or is it some other machanis?

  14. Rubén M.Cenzano says:

    Building a road for dummies; two video examples: (cómo se construye una
    carretera para no iniciados)

    [More news on my G+ profile:] #construction #civilworks

  15. frankensteinrcadventures says:

    the art of broken please sub and I will return the the favor !

  16. Tomer Bar-Shlomo says:

    Building a road with RC Machines Part 1:

  17. brandon huggard says:

    where would a guy buy a model like theses?

  18. MTC España says:

    Ein sehr schönes Video. Der Liebherr Bagger sieht sehr schön aus. Tolle
    Baustelle und nur weiter so. Tolle Videos. 

  19. ricktheboss19 says:

    Where can i buy this bulldozer

  20. jake martin says:

    where do you get all of your rc car trucks and construction equipment?

  21. Casterr Construtora says:

    Where I may have more information about the track type tractor. Any email

    thank you

  22. fanlexion says:

    nice video thank you

  23. fernando prieto says: