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Civil Construction Machinery: Civil Engineering: High rise construction and Form work. This video show how to efficiently manage the form works during the construction of buildings or structures. WTF aluminum formwork is a rapid paced construct…

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  1. razor_sharp says:

    I designed a new type of roundabout that goes on highways, where do I go to
    find a civil engineer to submit it and make it in a real-life figure? Or
    how would I make a model of it?

  2. Halim Kerim BAŞ says:

    single mesh reinforcement? why?

  3. Concrete Forms says:

    This video is from Wall-Ties & Forms, Inc.

  4. mimo90 mimo says:

    ينهار مش فايت خلاص كدة ده ايه السهولة دي

  5. Bhargav kotadiya says:
  6. 张兰茉 says: