Construction Equipment and Machinery: Heavy...

Construction Equipment and Machinery: Heavy machinery accidents, mishaps and other interesting mining photos. Amazing pictures of super heavy machinery working in extreme conditions at the Stockton mine in New Zealand. Royalty free music from teknoaxe, visit the webs…

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25 Responses to “ Construction Equipment and Machinery: Heavy”

  1. AmericanPride1234 says:

    Feel sorry for the guy who has to tell Doug about the accidents. haha

  2. Jason Axford says:

    A ute? You need a heavy rig licence to drive a ute these days?

  3. hotpass79 says:

    you wont find a bigger bunch of retards than in mine n

  4. Zach Walker says:

    how do you get 1.1 million by slaping together a slide show and puting on
    some shitty music

  5. Daniel L says:

    Doug Hood should fire all of them and hire real operator’s!!! bunch of
    clown’s under a big circus tent…

  6. Marci Turner says:

    Maybe the Doug Hood mining company is cursed. Lol.

  7. Mascus FYU says:


  8. LandonGaming says:

    Doug Hood mining. Your employees SUCK!!

  9. 005showme says:

    Looks like Doug needs a better HR dept!!!!

  10. jack sheen says:

    the first photo the i know the driver and he was clearing up when they
    unknowing blasted the cliff face and after calming down drove down the

  11. Cody Skillen says:

    that was fucking awsome

  12. ROBERTO GROSSI says:

    astuppii !!!

  13. Jacob Doherty says:

    nice video

  14. Kane Paranihi says:

    005showme, you could be right there bro the hr needs to be sacked for
    hiring fucken cowboys. with that many mishaps from the same company
    somethings wrong. doug hoods is just as bad as lcl transport was full of
    fucken young cowboys who rolled the gear. angus lochore tryn to save money
    pay the young fullas peanuts u get chimps.l

  15. Moch Eng says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  16. Aditya Achmad says:

    what is the title of this song ?

  17. Henrique Reis da Rosa says:

    Man, you gotta take care of that ram before he destroys more mining

  18. Piko Pene says:

    what exactly is this song?

  19. Buddhanz1 says:


  20. Buddhanz1 says:

    I think its called technobop #190 here is the link /watch?v=ja9nTdQpA7s

  21. Ben DeLong says:

    Pleased to be looking up the meaning of amazing.

  22. theklrdude oo says:

    I was going to say something about doug hood ,..but I see in the comments
    that most people noticed how reckless he is already.

  23. BROSKOIU says:

    Heavy machines operator available here :) 

  24. Hari Njotowidjojo says:


  25. Jesse Cripps says:

    I sure do love fucking pictures on youtube.