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Construction Machinery Training: 1970′s Earthmoving Machinery Safety & Training Film – Shake Hands With Danger – S88TV1. Caterpillar Tractor Company training film that shows the potential dangers associated with earthmoving and related machinery such as tractors, graders, excav…

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6 Responses to “ Construction Machinery Training:”

  1. Robert Ellis says:

    To True bloody good 

  2. D375 says:

    Great old film that brings back a lot of memories of plant operator school
    in the late 1960′s.

  3. glenn305ccr says:

    just love it

  4. calaverex says:

    Great Video

  5. tlcbear2 says:

    remember watching this when i took tractor driving safety back in school
    witch is long time ago now.

  6. floflo008 says:

    haha they made it a song its quite smart an funny at the same time