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Construction Machinery Names: Trucks and Construction Vehicles for Toddlers and Kids. Street paving construction site. Including men working, Pavers, Rollers, front end loader, utility trucks, cars, pedestrians and dogs too. A perfect longer v…

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  1. Terry Woodroffe says:

    Thanks for this! My kiddo loves it.

  2. Joe Hackett says:

    So happy to hear people are enjoying this one with their kids!

  3. Janusz Lenar says:

    Thank you, Joe. We enjoyed it :)

  4. coedy russell says:

    Vmbc bvnbhjm. Mel

  5. Owen Deane says:

    cool! where is this?

  6. lovinourlilohana says:


  7. Truckapedia says:

    nice! my little boy loves this one.