7 Tools for the Vegetable Garden –...

Tools for Garden: 7 Tools for the Vegetable Garden. P. Allen Smith walks you through the seven essentials tools for your vegetable garden- a garden fork, a shovel, a trowel,a watering wand, clippers, trellis a…

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3 Responses to “ 7 Tools for the Vegetable Garden –”

  1. jazevox says:

    we used them all for gardening :-)

  2. Mulchqueen says:

    Have them all! Also use a mason’s mortar pan to set on ground along side
    digging holes. It holds soil and any amendments without making a mess in
    tight borders.

  3. groovesme says:

    I’ve been looking for a good Garden Fork and Hoe for over a year now. All I
    can find is the crappy plastic sleeved ones that don’t last out here in the
    dry Sonoran Desert. Any suggestions?