Felco Garden Tools: FELCO 820 Electric...

Felco Garden Tools: FELCO 820 Electric Pruning Shear — Big Bear Tools. Join Dave Street (Big Bear Tools) and Laurent Perrin (FELCO) as they discuss the “FELCOtronic” FELCO 820 electric power-assisted pruner/lopper. Topics: – Dem…

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2 Responses to “ Felco Garden Tools: FELCO 820 Electric”

  1. Zylgis Zaldapheus says:

    That is quite an impressive pruner to say the least & almost exactly what
    I’m looking for. I maintain a bamboo hedge, which is roughly 200 feet in
    length, & I keep it about 15 feet high. I was doing well with my Fiskars
    pole pruner & Fiskars lopper until I recently got a mild case of “tennis
    elbow” in my left arm from this activity. I was wondering, is there some
    type of pole accessory that it could be mounted on that could reach a 15
    foot height?.

  2. FELCO says:

    Big Bear Tools talks about the FELCO 820 in a great video, take a look at