How to Hand Sharpen a Garden Hoe –...

Asian Garden Tools: How to Hand Sharpen a Garden Hoe. This morning I am doing maintenance on some of my garden tools. I share how to hand sharpen a garden hoe and do other maintenance to it.

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23 Responses to “ How to Hand Sharpen a Garden Hoe –”

  1. NG B says:

    Nice to see that there are still men who take care of their tools!! I
    learned from my dad and passed that on to my son. Very informative video
    and just what I was looking for. Thank you!!

  2. Mary Bevel says:

    You showed me exactly what I wanted to know. Thank You

  3. Rex Rexerest says:

    Thanks, I always wondered how to do that. I remember somebody saying no
    man should be without a good hoe.

  4. Dale Jensen says:

    Thanks for the info. 

  5. James C. Wade says:

    I learned to sharpen a hoe in the cotton fields as a kid about 60 years
    ago. Didn’t do as good a job as you did in the shop.

  6. Greg Todd says:

    Best tool tip I ever got was from my uncle Fred. He would say……
    No job is done until the tools are put away.
    Thanks uncle fred.
    Have a Jesus filled day

  7. ZebbiBibi says:

    Great video, thank you :) 

  8. Gia Tree says:

    Thank you for your post. Had my tools for a couple years now and they are
    in serious need of some attention! You make it seem easy and
    straightforward. Happy Spring!

  9. Karen N. says:

    You know, it’s sad that when I was a kid there was always an old guy out
    back of the hardware store who would sharpen your tools for you, or your
    Grampy or dad or an uncle would show you how. Since I decided to start
    growing some of my own food I’ve had a lot of lessons in how little we
    remember about how to use our own hands, get productive use out of our
    property. Thanks to you and people like you for documenting these basic
    skills for those of us who need a little help and shared knowledge!

  10. dustyanderson1 says:

    That’s one sharp hoe… your weeds don’t even have a chance… lol

  11. timjturner says:

    Thanks…..Sharpening a Stirrup Hoe would be the same concept……Maybe do
    a video on it sometime…..Thanks for watching…..

  12. Chris Towerton says:

    Hey Tim, Nicely produced clip…. Good thing none of my tools saw this
    video or they would have left me! BTW…Wanta swap sheds? Cause yours is
    real “Pretty”…. :-) Chris

  13. Tony Deveyra says:

    OMG, Ron Swanson ?!

  14. Lois Laney says:

    The hairs stood up on the back of my neck when you started sharping your
    hoe. Like fingernails on a chalkboard. lol Come do my tools, they really
    need it. I am kinda lazy in that department. Great tips. Thanks.

  15. Teddybear500 says:

    Nice good info Thanks!

  16. Mihalache Florin says:

    and now to work!

  17. Martin R. says:

    You seem to be so neat and organized….. I am envious !

  18. Planogardener says:

    Excellent video, Tim. To be completely honest, i’ve never sharpened a tool
    in my life. Now you’re making me feel guilty :) haha. Seriously though,
    good tip. Any advice on how to sharpen a 4 tine garden fork?

  19. Karen N. says:

    Great video! I would love to see how to sharpen a stirrup hoe.

  20. Alison Causey says:

    Great video! Time to go sharpen my hoe and go work in the garden!

  21. Joseph bagofcarrots says:

    permaculture? consider it ;)

  22. DubandDebs says:

    When you told us what kind of a file you’d taken out of the drawer, I
    thought Deb was hollerin for me. Seems she calls me that pretty frequently.
    Wonder what’s up with that?? LOL! Keepin your hoe sharp is a must. Tim,
    back in the day we’d use those big ole eye-hoes in the orange groves hoein
    around trees, pullin the dirt up bankin them for winter, and we’d stop and
    sharpen them quite often. The tireder we’d get, the more we’d sharpen em!!
    BREAK TIME! No, a sharp hoe makes a huge difference!

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