Japanese Hand Garden Tools: Intro to...

Japanese Hand Garden Tools: Intro to Japanese Hand Planes. Intro to Japanese Hand Planes by Om Anand.

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4 Responses to “ Japanese Hand Garden Tools: Intro to”

  1. Mark Grevatt says:

    Completely wrong technique

  2. ardvarkkkkk1 says:

    Good that you can see what you are doing. The rest of us can’t. Pretty
    useless video.

  3. Thejwgrant says:

    Man,you are probably discouraging the hell out of people who may otherwise
    try those planes. Way to much banginging with the wrong hammer to set and
    adjust that iron and chipbreaker. Should take no more than 30 second in a
    finished dai to sight iron and set chip breaker. Try sighting from the
    front(behind the iron)

  4. Andrew Stone says:

    You really need to learn how to set and use Japanese planes before you make
    long winded boring videos and mis lead people