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Japanese Hand Garden Tools: japanese woodworking garden gate/ timber framing. This is my most recent art project that showcases a Japanese/ Greene and Greene style as well as a few of my own ideas. I live and work in Victoria BC Canada. If you like my work, my website is www.risenwoodworks.com. Thanks.

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25 Responses to “ Japanese Hand Garden Tools: Japanese”

  1. rikimaru84 says:

    awesome great stuff.

  2. travdaman says:

    the camera work between 0:53 and 1:03 is fantastic… ;)

  3. BreakfastBentoBox says:


  4. 6488jesse says:

    The best local wood to use outdoors in the northwest, is Red or Yellow Cedar. I used Douglas Fir because it is what was readily available and less expensive. It also weathers quite well and seeing that the gate has a roof, it won’t be getting any direct rainfall.

  5. Timpan22 says:

    What’s the most common wood that you would use for an outdoor part, is it oak or larch or some other hardwood?

  6. 6488jesse says:

    I cut notches into the styles and glued them in with epoxy. The hinge pins are stainless steel with a plastic sleeve, so they shouldn’t wear out too fast. But when they do, I’ll have to fein them out or build new gates. I did that way really just to see if it could be done, and it can. They look and work great and allow the gates to swing either direction. Needless to say, my ego was quite happy that the idea didn’t backfire on me. Or hasn’t yet anyways.

  7. Timpan22 says:

    Amazing work, just have one question. How did you fasten the hinges to the door?

  8. llew777 says:

    I watch Japanese woodworking Vids I am an fan of low production high quality. my admiration for the highly skilled japanese woodworker now extends to you, Nice to see high quality in North America.My question to you did you train in Japan. If interested watch the Japanese knife makers, another exercise in high quality. Thank you Rob From Canada

  9. 6488jesse says:

    Thanks to everyone for watching my video and leaving such encouraging comments. I will be adding some more videos soon.

  10. giliam74 says:


  11. ootsam says:

    I don’t like your work.
    I love your work.

  12. ihavetwonipples says:

    @ihavetwonipples bratt bros dot com, all one word

  13. ihavetwonipples says:

    amazing!!! show us more. True inspiration. you should check out my buddies, bratt brother construction these guys are true craftsmen like yourself.

  14. Mr2at says:


  15. MrBushman01 says:

    take me as an aprentice please ! great work

  16. SnapperGrogan says:

    Gissa Job!

  17. mluthercoxable says:

    Beautiful work!!

  18. sajidullah says:

    Excellent work !

  19. cihan822006 says:

    very nice video. thanks for sharing man!!!

  20. danmonsees says:

    Just checked out your website. Fantastic work! your parents home looks unbelievable!

  21. goblininclother says:

    hi mate,very good,mabe u know how 2 make a traditional japanese roof , ? my respect ur work is very nice!!!!

  22. gtdesigner1 says:

    very nice work dude!

  23. tigerbutter360 says:

    This is really nice work; you should be proud (but humble). Stay away from Alcohol and bad women, and stay a master crafts person – when I think of the years I wasted!

  24. ffhyatt1 says:

    That is awesome! I’ve just started getting into Japanese joinery techniques. Hard to find clients willing to pay for the extra work so it’s mostly for my benefit. You have the technique down

  25. 4me6pack says:

    Dude! this is incredible, you are very skilled at carpentry for someone so young.
    Very nice video, I’d love to see some of your other progects. Respect!!