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Long Handle Garden Tools: Garden Tool Maintenance Video: Daily Maintenance of Long Handled Tools :. Every day I maintain my long handled tools by cleaning them with a wire brush and sharpening them with a handy file. The next time I need the tool it is clea…

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20 Responses to “ Long Handle Garden Tools: Garden Tool”

  1. Nessun Dorma says:

    Hi, thank you for this video. I have very few tools that I use for my yard
    work but after I use them, I hate to admit, I just stack them up in the
    garage without a thought to cleaning them. Now I will take better care of

  2. Shamim Shaukat says:

    Very helpful video, learned a lot and will try to do these myself. Thanks
    for sharing and keep posting 

  3. Rodney Jackson says:

    I really learn something from your video, on how to take good care of my
    tools, I thank you for sharing .

  4. Euri Kor says:

    Why not have and use stainless steel bladed tools with plastic / composite
    handles, and you don’t have to clean and oil them often saving time?

  5. Daniel O says:

    I hadn’t thought of the oil rag to prevent rusting…. good idea. Overall
    great advice – thanks for posting.

    With those glasses on, you very closely resemble a famous (current)
    actor… cannot recall his name.

  6. FrankEdavidson says:

    I wrap each tool head (eg shears, file) in an old oil-impregnated rag to
    prevent rust and keep them lubricated. Cheap veg oil is as good as anything
    and doesn’t contain minerals harmful to plants. I use reclaimed elastic
    bands the postman drops on the sidewalk to hold the rag in place. Washroom
    linen towel roll that is past its best can be reclaimed from washroom
    hygiene companies and is the ideal size for lawn edgers, files, shears,
    rakes. Also great for polishing glass in the greenhouse.

  7. James Connell says:

    Where did you get the the grub hoe & Edger with steel handle from thanks
    for the video.

  8. christschool says:

    Are you suppose to push the file or pull it? I’ve seen it done both ways.
    I normally pull the file on the edge, not pull it.

  9. James Connell says:

    Ok thanks ,cheep stuff always breaks .


  10. kuli557 says:

    Dude great video look after your tools and they will look after you.

  11. hsheng06 says:

    a bench clamp would be handy for the sharping job :) 

  12. David Wilson says:

    When farming, my Dad would smear a liberal coating of axle grease on the
    shiny part of the tractor plow hoe blade after plowing for the season.
    Sharpening your Axes with a 14 Deg edge is ideal. I learned, you take good
    care of your tools and they will take good care of you. Thx. These days
    in the throw away world, people have no idea on how to maintain their
    tools. Stockup with all these hand tools. When the power goes out for 10
    years, these tools will be worth more than Gold. I learnedalot of this
    toolmaintenance working on a Fire Dept. Our lives depended on good working
    tools. Linseed oil was liberally used on all FD Tools. 

  13. Land Designs Unlimited LLC says:

    You’re welcome!

  14. FishFind3000 says:

    What do you do when it gets to cold to work in landscaping cuz it got to
    28° today here In Illinois. Do you do snow removal?

  15. Land Designs Unlimited LLC says:

    The hoe I show in the video is actually a hoe made for mixing mortar. The
    two holes in it are the giveaway. I like the heavier blade and
    construction. You can get that hoe at any big box store for between 20 and
    30 dollars. Thanks for commenting.

  16. CopingWithTheTimes says:

    Great advice. I do the same thing every time. I also keep a can of boiled
    Linseed Oil handy and rub down the wooden handles. Works wonders for
    extending the life of the handles and keeps them from drying out and
    getting splintered. I really enjoyed seeing someone else do this stuff
    haha. Most people would never even consider maintaining a shovel anymore.
    Thumbs up!

  17. Land Designs Unlimited LLC says:

    I used boiled linseed oil on my wheelbarrow handle for the first time over
    the winter after I sanded it down. Wow! what a difference! I agree that
    many people would never consider maintaining a shovel anymore and I
    wouldn’t have 20 years ago either. I hope the videos can teach people that
    there is another (better) way. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  18. Land Designs Unlimited LLC says:

    I used to do a little snow removal. It’s a good chance to get planning for
    next year done but winters can be a little slow. Can you keep the cold
    weather please?

  19. lawnchaser says:

    thanks man. that video was really helpful

  20. non yobussiness says:

    what brand are your hoe? I can only find cheap ones in the stores.