Miniature Garden Tools: Tools I Use for...

Miniature Garden Tools: Tools I use for polymer clay Garden of Imagination. SUBSCRIBE & RATE for more FREE tutorials. This is just a little video showing some of the tools I use to create my miniatures.

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  1. m0ship0t says:

    @XxUnicornTimexX you can also get them here at polymer clay express .com

    it’s quite cheap and the cutter is the same brand!

  2. m0ship0t says:

    @JenniferDarkness all you do is roll it around in your hands and knead it to warm it up. just so it sticks and doesn’t crumble.

  3. NailandCraftFreak13 says:

    aww hes so cute he was like um yes yes i would like to make some clay!

  4. SapphireDragon2388 says:

    where did you get that ruler thingy cause I wanted to use it for making domes and stuff with a roundish shape. Its perfect for what I have in mind and I have NO idea where to look.

  5. GardenOfImagination says:

    @emilysbeauty1011 Just ask your dentist for old or broken dental tools. That’s where I got mine.

  6. emilysbeauty1011 says:

    where do you get those dental tools

  7. ILuvIjustine345 says:

    I have a pasta machine…. unfortunatley, its only to be used for making pasta :/ :L

  8. Solarra0919 says:

    TOO CUTE! I want the strawberry pie recipe please :) LOL:)

  9. theringsofmynotebook says:

    aw charming little boy he’s really smart and adorable ;)

  10. GardenOfImagination says:

    @JenniferDarkness Please check my old videos for that one.

  11. JenniferDarkness says:

    please answer!!! :) how do you condition clay??????????

  12. roylevy100 says:

    he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ashenix says:

    Ooh, your son is really handsome ! (:

  14. iiMiku says:

    What an adorable little boy!
    He’s really cute!

  15. GardenOfImagination says:

    The heart Kemper Kutter?! Try ebay, that’s where I get mine.

  16. XxUnicornTimexX says:

    where did you get that heart!? omgash! lol

  17. GardenOfImagination says:

    Real life… it happens. LOL

  18. GardenOfImagination says:

    Thank you!

  19. GardenOfImagination says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  20. SuperAchu says:

    matthew and catherine are sweethearts they are soooo cute

  21. shimer1love says:

    mathew is to cute he such a jentelman lol

  22. origamifuzzyface says:

    HAHAHAHA toilet flushes in the backround lol!

  23. zomah2 says:

    your kid is so cute!!

  24. miniturefanatic says:

    well um um yes i woula actualy> haha he cracks me up!sup mathue!

  25. loveamericangirllove says:

    Um I know You Dont Need Thoes But If You Want One Go To Joann’s And They Are Right Buy The Polymer Clay And They Are 2.00 or 3.00 dollars.

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