Sharpening Long Blades and My 4 Favorite...

Diamond Garden Tools: Sharpening long blades and my 4 favorite sharpeners. In this video I demonstrate the easiest way to sharpen big and long blades, as wel…

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21 Responses to “ Sharpening Long Blades and My 4 Favorite”

  1. PREPAREDMIND101 says:

    Another old one covering a subject people always ask me…

  2. Lansky Sharp says:

    Thanks for the video! Finding this a little late, but it’s great content
    nonetheless! You’ve earned our subscription. Stay Sharp!

  3. Cody McNamara says:

    i love how its a video on sharpening long blades then you pull out that
    mtech on the smiths sharpener lol

  4. Austin Lozinski says:

    Does the worksharp work on folding pocket knives?

  5. desintegrate3024 says:

    Hi Chris, why don’t you use Lansky Deluxe Diamond System or KME Sharpener.
    I’ve heard The Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener extremely scratches the
    surface of a blade, is it true? Don’t you use anything more precise to
    sharpen your knives? I wouldn’t use any of these to sharpen TOPS knives ;) 

  6. maui free diver says:

    what is so amazing about you, that you have at least 4 of everything :) i’m
    enjoying your videos

  7. Connor Click says:

    I have a BK2 and have been looking for something to sharpen it. I have a
    couple projects for making knifes so that sander is going to work great.
    I’m going to have to get me one. Thanks for showing it off!

  8. flashzonephoto says:

    Question – given the belt runs in one circular direction, if I pass a blade
    on one side the belt is sanding up and on the other side it is sanding down
    - does that have any type of detrimental affect to the blades? Should we
    make sure to hit both sides of the blade on the “UP” sanding side and then
    at another time hit both sides of the blade on the “DOWN” sanding side?
    Thanks – love all the reviews, they help a lot! John

  9. Jack Shipton says:

    Have you moved now? I ask because most your vids it looks tropical like
    Florida or something lol.
    Greetings from England :) 

  10. 8888chandler says:

    Work Sharp arrived today, took out my beautiful BK9 and went to work,
    though I I thought I was using the correct technique toward the tip as I
    pulled through……WRONG, now BK9 has wavy inch to inch and quarter toward
    the tip………………more straight, or less curved knifes sharpened
    okay, as for the BK ???? Also, went to sharpen cheap Cold Steel machete
    and smaller bowie type, FORGET IT, better off with a cheap
    sharpner………do I want my money back ? YES, save your money on this
    one, believe me………..

  11. Brain Warper says:

    Hey preparedmind… I know it is an old video, (Knife Sharpening 101), but
    just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the information you give.
    Stay warm brother.

  12. pipedreams308 says:

    Got it. It works great! But, you sure have to practice on some cheapies –
    it’ll sure round off the tip of the blade.

  13. pipedreams308 says:

    My Work Sharp should be here Tuesday. Thanks!

  14. PREPAREDMIND101 says:

    Thanks Bro! I could use a few of those subscribers. I might have something
    interesting for you to kill bottles with soon. Don’t want to ruin the
    surprise though!

  15. WeAllJuggleKnives says:

    Cool, I added this to my Sharpening playlist.

  16. PREPAREDMIND101 says:

    Let me know what you think, and email me if you have any questions. I
    believe they come with a free field sharpener now. Not the new fancy one,
    but one with ceramic rods, I think. When I saw it in the gun shop, it came
    with some new freebee. Get a box of medium replacement belts off Amazon.
    Lastly… You know those rubber coated tool hangars they sell that you
    screw into your garage wall for hanging up shovels and stuff? They work
    perfect for hanging up the workshop over your work bench.

  17. hoodster333 says:

    Will the electric sharpener work well with tantos or will it round them out

  18. PREPAREDMIND101 says:

    That’s harder than it looks. Search youtube for “FPS Russia AR-15 style
    shotgun” and watch how long that takes.

  19. PREPAREDMIND101 says:

    The worksharp is an investment up front…But having scary sharp knives
    makes it SOOOO worth it!

  20. Mike Kessler says:

    good video, thanks Chris. yes i will shoot up the woods to cut a tree down
    instead of chopping on it! HA!

  21. Eat Carbs says:

    Right on.. last night I ordered a 250/1000 combo Japanese water stone and a
    leather strop off Amazon. =D 250 is rather rough.. but my blades need it.
    Down the road.. or next payday I think.. I want to get another maybe 600
    stone. Thanks for the video