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9 Responses to “ Specialty Tool – Specialty Garden”

  1. shartne says:

    nope its was red Oklahoma dust. I wiped it a little with my hand and it

  2. shartne says:


  3. KyleCarrington says:

    oh i get it, i should have thought of that :) Of course. Yeah, dual axis is
    basically a waste of resources if you ask me. id only go dual if it was a
    remote location unattended. like a radio repeater tower

  4. shartne says:

    The reason why I was moving it is because I had set it to level because the
    wind came up to 30 to 40 mile an hour gusts. The drill is so much faster to
    move the panel to level position when a storm is coming up. The end wrench
    is so slow at moving it I feel I will tire out or get blown away before I
    get it moved.

  5. Charles McCune says:

    cool video man I need to make one of those trackers. wish I had property so
    I can place a pole in the ground but I have only a shed roof or a poarch
    roof that I have to mount somethign like that on

  6. KyleCarrington says:

    you’re a very ingenious guy :) were you just demonstrting how you could do
    that, or is that particular actuator burnt out and you need to work it
    manually, for now?

  7. peeinginthewind says:

    What are those makes in the bottom corners of the panels ? Moisture ?
    Looked like the glass was cracked !

  8. shartne says:

    I dont have the option on my tracker boards for dual axis. I would have to
    buy one like that. The LPC is dual axis is 119 bucks ouch. I should get one
    but Im cheap or broke most of the time lol. It would be cool I guess but
    then I would have to buy a actuator more money another 150 or 250 buck
    ouch! But the sun moves higher in the sky very slowly so I can just move
    the tracker once a month or every week depending on how particular I want
    to be. Its not a big deal to move it manually and its fun

  9. shartne says: