Vintage Garden Tools for Sale: How to...

Vintage Garden Tools for Sale: How To Organizing Garden Tools. Today I’ll show you how to organize garden tools. There is no need to buy expensive tool brackets when you can build your own. With a little creativity you c…

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28 Responses to “ Vintage Garden Tools for Sale: How to”


    Hey, is that my Hori Hori?

  2. Jacob Poucher says:

    Gates makes belts of all types as well, looks to me it was most likely a
    belt rack. looks like the exact same ones at my trusty napa.

  3. Colin Keevil says:

    Well that has inspired me to do the same thing. I am going to setup a spot
    to get mine all hung up properly now too, that looks so much better.

  4. husky394xp says:

    Neat video, and great idea. It was nice to see some of your custom tool
    creations and restorations too. Kind of like a tool reunion!

  5. dormindont1 says:

    3:00 при таком расположении инструмента возможно получить травму глаз.

  6. HomeFree says:

    Ok, tell us, what planet are you REALLY from?! People here just aren’t that
    capable and WILLING!…are they?

  7. velvanae says:

    Speaking of small gardening tools, what brand would you recommend? I have
    truble finding good ones that don’t break. Even big name once quality tool
    companies have took the poor quality train it seems.

  8. TooMuchT.V. says:

    Looks great!

  9. PuppetMaster1791 says:

    When a man says he is going to do something, he will do it. There is no
    reason to remind him ever 6 months about it.

  10. Mike C. says:

    Very, very nice. Did the same for my wife, a little different, and I got
    more joy seeing her smile than actually doing the work. I used old nails,
    scrap wood, used screws, and an old piece of plywood I cut down to make a
    small roof to cover the tools. It doesn’t look new or fancy but it works
    great and she loves it, which is all that matters. 

  11. The Jade & John Show says:

    Inspirational! – Jon

  12. trollforge says:

    That was quite the reaction! My wife’s reaction was a big smile a deep sigh
    and an I love you. I don’t think that was a rack for rad hoses though,
    Gates also made fan belts, I think that’s what that wrap was for, but I
    could be wrong. Excellent find though.

  13. Mike Box says:

    Great job.. Just to add something to this story. I work on a friend’s dairy
    farm here in Switzerland when he needs help. One thing I learned was they
    keep their shovels in the barn in a bucket of water. keeps the shovels
    clean after shovelling manure.

  14. nathaniel wren says:

    Your wife is such a nice lady wranglerstar, you are a lucky man!! May yah
    bless you!

  15. Sabrina W. says:

    need a LOVE button ☺

  16. Fishtownies says:

    i havent seen any videos in the past week or so.. i’m on wranglerstar WD~
    In all seriousness i hope all is well and i look forward to your next

  17. mike1w1r says:

    Good job. I enjoyed watching this’en.

  18. nathanatramp says:

    Yeah! Mrs. Wranglerstar, how do you like that hori hori knife? Cooool.

  19. Milwaukee Prepper says:

    Did I just waste 3 min of my life watching someone hanging shovels?

  20. markthomasbuilder says:

    Thanks for the video. I noticed the gardening knife, do you ever sharpen

  21. Colin Herbert says:

    Been meaning to do that as well. I think I ill do it today…

  22. Gary Clinton says:

    Someone disliked this? I know you dislike profanity and strong language but
    sometimes you just have to say WTF! 

  23. Brian B says:

    Very tidy cody I should really do something similar!!! :) 

  24. skillon4wheels says:

    You and your son have such a good relationship 

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