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All in One Hand Tools: SHOT show: Leatherman OHT one hand tool. Are you a multi tool junkie? If so here is another multi tool you might have to ad to your collection. I like the one hand aspect. I have seen out the front …

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19 Responses to “ All in One Hand Tools: SHOT Show:”

  1. Peter Griffin says you mad bro? says:

    i have the leatherman wave one and i luv it!!! the thing i hate about it
    was that it cant flang like the new oht leatherman.

    i just bought the oht and its freaken awesome!!! the thing i hate about it
    was that it the blades were bit smaller compare to wave. and oht dont have
    sissors or any other tools like the wave.

    im gonna try to do some modification to the oht. maybe take out some tools
    from wave and put it in oht. one prob, i dont have the allan ranch to
    unscrew the bolts for both leatherman. its gonna be a big prob. ;

    i just wish they made a better one that has everything on it. i would be
    happy to pay 300-400$ if they make one that has everything on it.

  2. rmello381 says:

    Anyone 1 notice she’s basically jerking it off at the end of the video lol
    , my kind of girl

  3. ImJacksAmygdala says:

    Leatherman makes some nice tools. I still the Wave is the best though.

  4. Daniel H. says:

    Thats funny she is talking about one handed tool opening with one hand, yet
    she is using 2 lol

  5. mixflip says:

    I agree. I am not a fan of Gerber. I dont like all the plastic they like to
    put on their tools. I specifically like my WAVE because it is all stainless
    steel with no plastic.

  6. Jake S says:

    Original idea

  7. ManiackXX RC channel says:

    :) 2:01

  8. paytheplumber says:

    Nice 2 handed demo of the 1 hand tool…nice tool and rack

  9. glock17ninja says:

    Ah leather man such cool things you make… I cringe at your prices however

  10. MyHollowpoint says:


  11. mixflip says:

    You are going to love it. I can see the WAVE being around for a very long
    time with me.

  12. cody contreras says:

    I agree I was going to get the gerber disel at my local gander mountain but
    when I looked into it more the tool is cool but its purely marketed on the
    one handed feature the locks are plastic all the tools are on the inside so
    thats means you have to deploy it every time just to get at them which
    defeats the purpose of “one hand deployment” and the tools are just goofy
    for around the same price as the disel seems like leatherman gets it right
    cant wait to try this should be here any day now

  13. Sam P says:

    2 hands to use a one hand use tool?? Marvelous!!

  14. Danielle Reed says:

    yeah I second that. I had a gerber dime and it was complete junk.
    Leatherman is definitely the standard.

  15. hadaskate says:

    bad show women

  16. TacticalPanda says:

    Gerber has some competition

  17. Thomas Ryan says:

    I love Leatherman’s too, they’re really tough and hard-wearing. I will
    quibble with a design aspect of mine, because I’ve got some nasty pinches
    from using the pliers – basically because of the straight handles my hand

  18. seedood says:

    Reminds me of the first Gerber tool I bought about 12 years ago. Identical
    pliers deployment set up.

  19. rahliE05 says:

    Gerber has some competition? What? Sarcasm I hope, because Leatherman sets
    the standard for multi-tools by far