Amp Hand Tools: Constructing a...

Amp Hand Tools: Constructing a Finger-Jointed Pine Amplifier Cabinet…..Part 1. In this first of two videos, I explain and demonstrate the steps necessary to design and construct a finger-jointed pine cabinet for the 5F1 Champ chassis (f…

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25 Responses to “ Amp Hand Tools: Constructing a”

  1. TubiCal says:

    Nice lesson here, thanx very much, Doug!!

    As I´m not doing my own cabinets, because i´m always short on time, I find
    this very interesting on how to make one of these Cabs.
    Please show us how to tolex, as I got myself some heads which I like to
    have in new tolex, and I never done this right by now, since i don´t know
    how to do this. My first attempt tuns out to be very awlful and I quit
    doing this ;)

    I may suggest you to write something in the inner cabinet, may someone in
    30 years will be curious who had done this work ;)

  2. bullthrush says:

    Top quality work! The finger joint jig looks much more efficient than
    doing them by hand (the way I did mine). I used a plunge router with a
    home made circle cutting jig to cut my speaker hole, I will be glad to
    share my technique if your interested.

  3. ElPaso TubeAmps says:

    That is beautiful, Uncle Doug. I don’t think there is anything like this
    detail on YT – you may even turn me into a precision cabinet builder (in my
    dreams). Thank you.

  4. Frank Ferraro says:

    I can see you’re gifted with woodworking! That’s where I admittedly fall
    short. My area of expertise is the electronics end of things…My cabinet
    designs would have master cabinetmakers laughing so hard, the threshold of
    pain would be reached :) That said, I have to stay with what I know best,
    which is the electronics…You do excellent and very neat work…If Rusty
    approves, it has to be good! :) As always, I enjoy your videos…

  5. Uncle Doug says:

    As promised, here is Part 1 of how to design and build a finger-jointed amp
    (or speaker) cabinet. Part 2, in which the cabinet is routered and
    finished, is on the way. If these videos are well received, I may also post
    a video showing how to install the speaker grill cloth and cover the
    cabinet with Tolex or leatherette. Thanks for watching…..and subscribing.

  6. EduMaia1205 says:

    Nice woodworking. And you are right, when i made a cabinet a few years ago
    i forgot to leave the space for the grill cloth and the tolex.

  7. Padraic Plaugher says:

    awesome. just awesome.

  8. jlucasound says:

    Oak Go/No Go Gauge. Genius.

  9. Kalkaekie says:

    Great Job !! Enjoyed the video !!

  10. SorinG2010 says:

    Great video is there a rule to how much room should be around the speaker ?
    To establish the cabinet size? Thx, Sorin

  11. Stumblefuck says:

    Love your channel, man! You rule!

  12. Peter Philbrook says:

    Love your videos ! regarding the hole for the speaker baffle, I use a
    laminate trimmer (small router) to cut perfectly symetrical holes. I made
    a quick jig out of plywood onto which the trimmer is attached, screw the
    jig to the center of the baffle board much like your compass and rotate
    that baby – start with a shallow cut then increase blade depth until your
    through – perfect hole every time. You could even use it as a template to
    make one of those cones for Rusty’s neck, if he ever has an operation …. 

  13. jlucasound says:

    You just need to make sure Rusty doesn’t give his “stamp” of approval. ;-) 

  14. Kenny H says:

    Great vid, coming along very nicely!

  15. AWesley Murphy says:

    Rusty is awesome lol

  16. Hubert Tremaine says:

    Uncle Doug, your videos are the best! You have explained the ins and outs
    of tube amps in a simple yet comprehensive manner. Keep those wonderful and
    funny “TV” shows coming(I mean you and Rusty). In some future video could
    you explain what a preamp
    bypass capacitor actually does. Thanks.

  17. overthemountain16 says:

    Great videos by the way. I have a danelectro honey tone mini guitar amp
    that I am interested in retrofitting in a wooden cabinet of almost the same
    dimension 5x2x4 not exact

  18. cornhuskbag says:

    Hi Uncle Doug,
    Thanks for the first part of this cabinet build. Great process, intuitive
    teaching skill, and excellent results. Can’t wait to see part two! Thanks
    for your kindness in sharing your knowledge!
    Kind Regards,

  19. decsnspace says:

    Excellent Work! Thanks for posting this video. I can’t wait to see part 2
    and how the cabinet turns out.

  20. jlucasound says:

    Actually, that would be a “reject” stamp. :-0

  21. overthemountain16 says:

    I’m planning on making the cab bigger. Would I have to use pine that is
    less thick? If so what would be an arbitrary thickness. Thank you for the
    insightful videos. 

  22. Joseph Coen says:

    Have ever seen woodworking for engineers? I think you might like it.

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