Electric Hand Tools: Electrician Tools...

Electric Hand Tools: Electrician Tools. An overview of the essential electrician tools I use on an everyday basis. I’ve finally created this video as I feel like my collection is finally nearing co…

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27 Responses to “Electric Hand Tools: Electrician Tools”

  1. zahid riaz says:


  2. Xicko Duran says:

    I have the same tool that appears at 00:43 but i dont know how to use it,
    can you explain that :) 

  3. masterrob321 says:

    You should just get self adjusting wire strippers then you could ditch
    those 3 wire strippers 

  4. Chris Workman says:

    Using a carabiner on your box wrenches is genius!!

  5. Baltimore Buck says:

    What company makes the wrenches you have?

  6. Jose Jaimes says:

    Your not an electrician lol those Klein’s look brand new lol need more use.

  7. topo2407 says:

    ive got a similar load out but it looks like all your tools are new lol

  8. Tikonov Grenadiers says:

    Electricans don’t use Klein stripers


    So are you an engineer or an apprentice electrician? you have claimed to be

  10. Frankie Kato says:

    Great information 

  11. RUDY ACCADIA says:

    are u sure u r an electrician? where ? us? u play with 110!!!

  12. Chad Dickerson says:

    really appreciate your videos and your very efficient point of view (“I’m
    trying to do more technician work to become a better engineer”). 

  13. ndaimo11 gerson says:

    how to use electrical tools

  14. MrEkahn81 says:

    who makes those cresent wrenches. I do hvac service and the smaller one was
    perfect for service valve caps. I lost mine and cant remember what brand it
    was and I think that is the same one I had. thanks and good video

  15. lysbryter98 says:

    glomfjord VG 1 elektro!!

  16. Avi8torAce says:

    Nice tool kit and very helpful video. Where you buy your tools from?

  17. Irlan De Sousa says:

    Hi!, i’m thinking on following the carreer as a eletrician here in Brazil,
    so…you buyed everything at once?, or was one at a time?

  18. Brian S says:

    what brand is your crescent wrenches?

  19. Николай Школьный says:

    Скрутка провода.

  20. Felipe Oliveira says:

    NIce bag!

  21. Dwayne Bankston says:

    Great video! I’m just getting started in installing A/V equipment and this
    will really help me get my tool bag together… Thank you

  22. F & F Industrial Equipment Corp. says:

    Great idea for using a carabiner to organize your combination wrench set!

  23. Scott Dawson says:

    also what kind of decent sparky bothers with wire strippers its a waste of
    time u can strip up to 4 unsheathed wires at once with a pair of good

  24. Vorzator says:

    Hey Nick Sek, thanks allot for this tool review, I really enjoyed it! Exams
    are coming up, so i really needed this. Thanks :) 

  25. Janna Maysmith says:

    I remember when I was working as an electrician in
    http://BestElectriciansMiami.com athe tools you are showing on right now. I
    still have those in my box and use it in my own electric issues.

  26. Mark says:

    Nice tool kit and very helpful video
    i’m thinking on following the carreer as a electrician here

  27. michaelcedar says:

    Very Nice tool kit and a very useful and helpful video. This is a Great information to post and share. I will definitely look forward to your next share. Thanks and regards.