Grinding HSS Lathe Tools – Part 1:...

Hand Grinding Tools: Grinding HSS Lathe Tools – Part 1: Grinding a RH Tool. In part 1 of this three-part series on grinding HSS lathe tools Barry Young of Bates Technical College in Tacoma WA walks us through the process of grinding a right hand lathe tool. Barry…

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26 Responses to “ Grinding HSS Lathe Tools – Part 1:”

  1. Tim Page says:

    Thanks so much for making this.

  2. William Litant says:

    This is a terrific, helpful video. Thanks for making it, Barry.

  3. LoadedMod94 says:

    Thanks so much for the upload, I have a lot of trouble with the grinder and
    making tools. This helped to explain a lot.

  4. mel wadefaq says:

    your skill i will put to use . thank you so much , sir, all the way from
    Malaysia . =)

  5. Tamara Mathews says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your skill and knowledge. My husband and I
    have been working on a project today and I believe with your video
    tomorrow will go more smoothly.

  6. Christopher Begaii says:

    Thanks :) 

  7. Douglas Snyder says:

    I have looked for and watched a lot of videos for making lathe tools and
    this is by far the best! Thanks so much for passing on the skill to others.

  8. Brian B says:

    Excellent excellent video…please dont stop

  9. axol polly says:

    thanks Barry good job.

  10. sahkram says:

    Kinda crud with his finishing, no stones used or mentioned other than a
    diamond lap that is not the best for a steel bit. lets ignore the mild
    steel vs HSS as Barry did.

  11. 00WoW00 says:

    Great video. Very clear and easy to follow.

  12. Matt Blacke-TwoFiftyTwo says:

    makes a nicer Finnish

  13. Barry Young says:

    Thanks for watching

  14. doyouwanttofuk says:

    this is the same way the tought me at trade school, use mild steel until we
    got it and then we got some hss ground a few different tools wrong on
    purpose so we could see what would happen if used one the lathe. great
    video and well presented thanks.

  15. Gothic'z House Of Kustom'z says:

    sorry, I have one question, why radius the tip?

  16. Gothic'z House Of Kustom'z says:

    Very informative, thank you

  17. spikec says:

    Dude, what kind of grinder are you using? I have a crappy little bench
    grinder about 1/2″ thick at best. I want the one you use! Thanks for your
    vids, they help alot…

  18. not2fast4u2c says:

    Thanks for Teaching us this

  19. The Lightning Stalker says:

    Boring bar?

  20. YoeyYutch says:

    I’m learning the lathe right now. I want to make a tool for cutting a 30
    degree interior chamfer. The chamfer only has to be about .150 deep into a
    2.25 inch diameter aluminum tube so I’m pretty confident that I can do it.
    I can’t figure out why the person who is teaching me insists that we use
    such an elaborate setup for a simple cut. He just gets mad if I ask so I’m
    going to figure it out on my own. I think the tips in your video will help
    a lot. Thanks!

  21. oxtoolco says:

    Hi Barry, Nice job. That’s a smooth running grinder you got there. Keep up
    the good work. Regards Tom Lipton

  22. Euan Taylor says:

    can u use a bench grinder for this

  23. Barry Young says:

    That is a Cincinnati pedestal grinder from the 40′s, it has a 2″ wide wheel.

  24. david arvind says:

    why the radius is required in this tool

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