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Lowe S Hand Tools: Lowes Knife/Tool Sharpening Section. Just a short vid…

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26 Responses to “ Lowe S Hand Tools: Lowes Knife/Tool”

  1. Nathan L says:

    Well its kinda straight forward with an arcing motion. And I appallingly
    like hand “stone” sharpening. Its relaxing, meditative and I’m really good
    at it. But now that I’m old and lazy I just use my Ken Onion Work Sharp. In
    10 minutes I can go through 6 different belts and strop if I want a mirror
    polished edge or 4 if I want more bite. But with everything I play around
    with it all the time so there are a few possibilities. Thanks for the quick
    run through in the store of what the store offers Jeff. Good video have a
    great day and stay sharp.

  2. TheNinjaollie says:

    well, free hand sharpening isnt really that hard. maybe i was just lucky,
    but i got it right first time, its kinda straight forward really.

  3. powerhousephg says:

    301!!! wait…wrong video

  4. Weapons Education says:

    I like how you jump around with new ideas, thanks

  5. ATgruppe80 says:

    nice video jeff

  6. Billy Innes says:

    How do u have the balls to film in the store I give u credit. Do people
    look at you. Do you ask permission.

  7. ricochetVendetta says:

    30 for a stone omg cant I just go find a chunk of flint or granite

  8. 397pollo says:

    i use a gatco sharpening system then do some stropping with my leather boots

  9. YoungBrave2006 says:

    $30 for a sharpening stone? That’s how much my benchgrinder cost me back in
    the day. I don’t know how much they go for now; but that seems a bit much
    for that.

  10. Darren W says:

    hey ive been watching your videos for a while but i dont think ive ever
    seen you with nunchucks…..

  11. fpscanadianz says:


  12. KorieG says:

    Good tips…Good advice! Later…

  13. G36Jeff says:

    Yea jeff good vids latley. Woot woot

  14. John Doe says:


  15. Knobsmacker says:

    cutlerylover has tutorial videos on wetstones.

  16. xjsnake says:

    Go to his channel page and search “sharpening” he has videos covering
    freehand as well as many popular “kits”

  17. BCkayakcamper says:

    Hey Jeff – would actually like to see more videos similar to this regarding
    your opinion on sharpening and maybe some sharpening tips/tutorials! Thanks :)

  18. 811metfreak says:

    already has a lot of videos on multiple different methods

  19. dawson freibert says:

    He had a video about it I believe.

  20. knifeboy3 says:

    what country is that?

  21. Kytonite says:

    I’ve practiced for about 3 or 4 years until I got it right. I will say that
    it’s definately worth learning to sharpen your knives freehand. I dont
    regret spending countless hours and hours just learning the angles, how to
    steady your hands, and most of all listening to the sound of the knife
    dragging across the stone. Those you have done it for a while will agree
    that you can tell a lot just by listening to the sound and whether it
    produces a nice clean sound or a rough one.

  22. Kelly Gold says:


  23. mikethenascarfan says:

    I started with an arkansas stone as my first sharpening method- now I can
    get my aus 8 knives newspaper slcing sharp with it and an old leather belt
    as a strop.

  24. Wil Christensen says:

    i practiced sharpening my cheap knife free hand so much now its blade is

  25. JackedLobster says:

    I completely agree with your opinion on the carbide cutters, but until i
    picked up a WorkSharp, one of those brass knuckle looking ones worked
    really well for my machetes.

  26. Mike@Lynette says:

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