Stainless Hand Tools: How to Drill...

Stainless Hand Tools: How to drill Stainless Steel w/ cheap tools and minimal supplies. Hey guys I shot this video to show you my trick to drill stainless steel. I’m a Field metal worker and these are my tips for drilling with limited supplies w…

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9 Responses to “ Stainless Hand Tools: How to Drill”

  1. Kito says:

    hi Joshua i going to drill an angle bar with 14mm hole on it.
    it is 304 stainless steel 5mm thick.
    can you hlp me with the size of drill tip.
    what is the best fluid for it? can i use car coolant instead to cool it
    pls hlp, thx :) .

  2. Ricardo Perez says:

    Hey you miss the security recomendation: Use Glases, and dont remove by
    hand the chips or the piece of steel , because of that, i have in trouble
    removing it form my fingers, auch!. instead use a wet cloth to remove it
    and throw away..

  3. Ricardo Perez says:

    i have a question , its posible to make a hole, with drill diagonally
    position? i have a unconfortable position so its almost imposible doing in
    a vertical postition thanks

  4. Theories says:

    hey, can you recommend me a good drill that would be powerful enough to
    drill through stainless steel about 1-2mm thick? preferably the cheapest
    possible :P 

  5. cam clarke says:

    Thanks man i was able to make a drift trike out of a scooter by putting a
    skateboard truck on the back 

  6. David says:

    I wouldn’t use glasses because unlike plastic goggles, glasses can shatter.

  7. KathyLev says:

    Thank you for sharing your talent ! I’ve been surfing around trying to see
    what kind of drills to use to drill holes through stainless steel flatware.
    I saw jewelry made out of spoons and forks & I’m one of those ladies that
    see a craft and say “I can do that!”
    —– but I’ll be darned – I can’t drill those holes or bend those fork
    tines ! I do everything from sewing – to fusing glass – to wood to –
    ceramics – and my iron worker son even taught me how to do easy welding !
    Stainless steel has me baffled . I can’t even solder the damn stuff!
    If you have time, can I pick your brain with a few questions ? I would
    soooooo appreciate your words of wisdom !! Kathy (

  8. David says:

    I drill nearly half a dozen 1 -1/4″ thick stainless steel for a product.
    Don’t know why I took the job but I broke 2 or 3 bits doing so. I’ve since
    gave up because it sounded like kids scraping the chalkboard all day with
    fingernails. Bits were called heavy duty spiral bits.

  9. Massive Mike says:

    Good tip. I add dish soap to my water, cools & reduces friction.