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Drywall Hand Tools: Striker Hand Tools Multi-Blade Drywall knife. The new Striker® Folding Multi-Blade is more than just your basic utility knife. It is designed to quickly and easily perform all the normal steps for cutting drywall, but has patent-pending features not found on your typical utility knife that eliminate the need to carry extra tools to complete the cutting and set up process. The added features that make the Striker® Folding Multi-Blade unique in the industry are: •An aggressive, hardened steel file built into the side of the blade housing that lets the user quickly clean rough edges and shape drywall after cutting without having to pull out a file or rasp. The file is also designed to quickly and accurately square up holes for outlets and lights. •A notching saw built into the bottom of the blade housing can be used for cleaning up drywall and knock out corners, and notching ceiling panels or insulation board, which eliminates the need to reach for another tool. •A striking cap on the back of the handle lets the user knock out cut pieces of drywall or set exposed nails, often eliminating the need to pull out a hammer. •Blade storage for the extra blade when needed. The new Striker® Folding Multi-Blade also features a sleek, ultra-light body with an aluminum handle designed to fit in the users hand. It has a thumb stud to safely open and close the blade, and a spring steel lock to securely lock the blade open or closed the blade folds completely inside the body of the tool. A designed-in thumb rest supports and adds

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12 Responses to “ Striker Hand Tools Multi-Blade Drywall”

  1. pelvi3a says:

    demonstrate how it can cut through bra straps with ease and maybe il buy one

  2. GeneralG1810 says:

    Does anyone actually believe this woman does dry wall…… CMON

  3. cupcakechagrin says:

    did she say “nice clean butt joint”?

  4. 03kenseth says:

    Those things look amazing..the tool i mean.

  5. Opachak says:

    Not bad for a little tool like that were can i buy one

  6. sjaderlund says:

    Those are the greatest

  7. u812b4me says:

    Awe,, she failed to mention the dust,, most enjoyable.
    the OSHA approved uniform for I candy.

  8. MrChrisfernand says:

    she has to come and work with me doing drywall, may not get much work done.

  9. igottubed says:

    blondie likes the mud…

  10. SouthernKudzu says:

    Will she personally deliver the tool? If so, I’ll buy 3 a week for life.

  11. ggmm2000 says:

    where can I get one ???

  12. These tools are very helpful for drywall, i have almost collection of all :) Thanks for sharing