Stronghand NOMAD Welding Table Unboxing,...

Strong Hand Tools Welding Clamps: Stronghand NOMAD Welding Table Unboxing, First Impressions and Modding… So the Stronghand guys sent out a cool little NOMAD portable welding table, and yeah, I had some issues with it. I think its a cool concept, but mine was mis…

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25 Responses to “ Stronghand NOMAD Welding Table Unboxing,”

  1. Rat454 says:

    Thanks ChuckE. I was going to buy one of these, but having seen this I
    won’t. I knew it was light duty, but I didn’t realise it was this flimsy.

  2. Rick Rose says:

    I enjoy your videos and get inspiration from them to try more things
    myself. Ignore the foul-mouthed trolls who always seem to pop up in the

  3. 1Independentrider says:

    You should build a actual sturdy version of your own.

  4. Phoenix Spiller says:

    You could put it as short as it goes, tilt it to the vertical position and
    set it on your big table and practice your overhead welding, you could use
    the clamps and magnets to hold it on there, it would make it less awkward.
    How much was it? 

  5. 1toomanyhobbies says:

    I really like this channel and pretty much all of his video’s except for
    this one. I have this exact table and didn’t have any of the problems he
    encountered. Also, this is a light weight 14 gauge portable table. It IS
    NOT designed to be hammered on. I feel like Chucky evaluated this just
    like he would a heavy welding table which it isn’t. There are always
    tradeoffs when you go for portable vs not portable. 

  6. Felix Rebal says:

    I don’t know whats with that guy? I’ve enjoyed all your videos. Thanks for
    making this video, I was wanting to buy one of these for the garage but
    I’ve only seen them in a catalog. 

  7. kwkstar says:

    I have the same table! I haven’t had any of the problems that ChuckE did. 

  8. desalvo66 says:

    u gave me a great idea, to tweek my black and decker cheap work bench
    legs.. cheap thing, but i’ll get it more sturdy..

  9. Jonathan Taffe says:

    I liked the way u decided to modify the table to make it a bit better Yee

  10. Fender Veal says:

    What a piece of shit,why even try and sell that junk,underkill never
    works,overkill always works,go figure,the clamps and such look nice and you
    say work well ,those i may try

  11. 420skullking420 says:

    the issues ur having must b production error, i didnt have any of the probs
    ur havin. the chain that holds the elevation pins i have hooked on the big
    knobs that are under the table and seems to work fine =)

  12. TheFloorBoys says:

    Damn Ducky! Tell us how you REALLY feel!!! Awesome vids Chucky!!! Keep’em
    coming! Sheeeesh! The haters love to come over to your channel and cop a
    squat, don’t they? Shit. 

  13. desalvo66 says:

    so easy a child could do it..

  14. Mallatt442 says:

    Harbor Freight has the same type flimsy table for half the money…

  15. Duckyistrippin says:

    That welding table is a clunky funky piece of shit. These tube channels
    just pushing the same junk are getting old. You have nothing to say, offer
    or contribute. Your channel fucking sucks. Just a running commercial for
    whatever free shit people will send you. You have no skill or talent, the
    stuff you build is garbage despite being handed endless free gimmicky

  16. GnosisMan50 says:

    ok, i’m 11min into this and to me this welding table is not worth spending
    $130. I’d rather spend that money on materials and make a table that works
    better. The standards by which things are made these days have been
    gradually hence imperceptibly deteriorating for years and so we end up with
    a welding table like this poorly designed.

  17. dsrxkellybuilt says:

    looks like harbor freight is now selling the same table. its on sale right
    now for 59.99 if anyone is interested.

  18. urgentcareguy3 says:

    I have the Harbor Freight version. For $49, I’ll add the reinforcement and
    it will be a good, non-professional table.

  19. Checkpoint says:

    dude you need a sandblaster so you can get all the frigging plating off so
    you don’t fuck up your lungs. But I like your vids man. 

  20. Ken5imaging says:

    Chucky, i asked what kind of table i should buy when i own my own mig my answer with this video, Is the Harbor Freight One the same
    as the Nomad? Thanks!

  21. alexpoz09 says:

    Get A black n decker workmate and make a steel top for it best portable
    table ever

  22. rennybarr says:

    I love the “Made in China” comment… let’s not forget that Chine is only
    the manufacturer of this stuff, it’s still up the the AMERICAN company that
    designs, sells, and support these products to assure that their products
    are top-notch. So the complaint really goes to Stronghand. Sloppy oversight
    of their manufacturing. Shame on you!

  23. IGo ProEVERYTHING says:

    Aluminum will stick to what ever the coating is on the table.

  24. Ramon Banda says:

    I think I would still buy the table if I ever came across one. But only
    because I like modifying things to make them better.