Vintage Hand Tools for Sale: The Yard Sale...

Vintage Hand Tools for Sale: The Yard Sale Show November 17, 2012 Antiques and Vintage Tools. Twas the weekend before Thanksgiving, we weren’t expecting to find much, but…….. at our last stop we met a wonderful family and got some great items! My …

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11 Responses to “ Vintage Hand Tools for Sale: The Yard Sale”

  1. Bill Stoner says:

    I have an axe kind of like that one that had belonged to my
    Great-Great-Grandpa it is dated 1850. I picked up another at auction and I
    think it sold on eBay for around 45 last year.

  2. gaoveralls says:

    Good Job! You should do well.

  3. IronheadOfScroteus says:

    I want that drill!

  4. theartzyboy says:

    Love the lockers! Have a happy thanksgiving! Did you try making art yet?

  5. SpokanePickers says:

    I could use a few of those lockers to organize my garage. Thanks for
    sharing your finds. :)

  6. Kalifornia Picker says:

    Amazing Finds!!

  7. Kurt Mason says:

    wow you find such great stuff at great prices. i wish i could find the
    stuff you do

  8. LibraJustice says:

    Great finds ,as always! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. annabellasgiftshop says:

    Great finds!!!

  10. somelikeitused says:

    awesome, love the butter worker! ~T&D

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