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Cheap Power Tools Online: A Great Place To Buy Your Power Tools. cpooutlets.com.

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26 Responses to “ A Great Place to Buy Your Power Tools”

  1. TheMultiGunMan says:


    I do all my “tool shopping” in Eric’s garage ….. late at night ….. when
    he’s asleep. I always get a “5 finger discount.”

  2. MyHollowpoint says:

    No wonder so many people up North suicide themselves, I couldn’t take it.
    I’m going to take a look. I have a friend who’s looking for cheap tools to
    start his own company,lmao,sorry, couldn’t finish the sentence without
    laughing out loud,lol.

  3. ebomey says:

    Awesome .. I will let the guy know who buys me all my tools … his name is

  4. 504 Dirt Dart says:

    That’s a heck of a price, it does look brand new.

  5. saltyshellback says:

    Sweet! I just got a Royobi 4.5″ grinder form HD. It was an immediate
    need, but I will definitely check CPO for ny next purchase!

  6. gunnwild1 says:

    Soooo, how are enjoying the global warming? Bwahahahaha =)
    Damn good price on that grinder. I’m a tool junkie myself, along with being
    a gun junkie, a knife junkie……I think I need professional help 

  7. stripymccatpuss says:

    Thats a great deal

  8. hempseedaddict says:

    weird, for some reason I thought of other types of power tools

  9. djalkaline1 says:

    Looks like you got a hell of a deal on that bad boy

  10. GunGod556 says:

    Great deal looks like new.

  11. Rich Rossi says:

    Great deal..in central NY state today our forecast is heavy snow-
    6-11″-thunder n lightning-40mph winds-below 0 temps..n we’re gonna lose to
    Duke university 

  12. The Lone Patriot 111 says:

    Nice one Paul

  13. Eric C says:

    thanks for the tip!

  14. Springfield45 Lee says:

    Paul your killing me! I’m a store manager for Home Depot I would have price
    matched it

  15. buzzsah says:

    Thanks for the lead, I’m always looking for a good tool outlet.

  16. Ray Edwards says:

    Thanks for the link, Paul and screw that snow!

  17. Steven Bush says:

    Awesome. I don’t have room for power tools or even a work bench, garage is
    too small. 

  18. tom a says:

    Definitely checking them out..I’m on the hunt for a new hammer
    drill…thanks Paul..so far my part of Pa has been lucky with avoiding
    heavy snow,but I’m looking forward to the coldest days since 1899 they say
    are coming tomorrow and Monday.

  19. Atimatik Army says:

    Thanks for the tip!

  20. BleedingBullets4U says:

    I live five miles from the CPO warehouse in Georgia great prices but a shit
    place to work. I worked at Makita repairing tools for seven years. I know
    the assholes that refurbished that grinder! A lot of those refurbished
    tools they are a great deal most of them are tools someone bought used just
    one time for a few minutes and then returned for the money back.

  21. Ed USAF says:

    That is a Steal Paul! I’ll have to check that site out, The hell with Home
    Depot! I don’t use a lot of power tools, but when I need another cordless
    drill or something, I’ll know where to look! Thanks for sharing! :) 

  22. sixfteightinguy says:

    nice, how did you find cpo?

  23. treesablowin says:

    Enough for sure, come on warm weather. Been watching golf and getting the

  24. jerry arnold says:

    I just purchased 2 bositch tools in hard shell boxes


    That aint bad, good deal!!

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