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Buy Bosch Power Tools: Bosch Power Tools GTS1041A REAXX Portable Jobsite Table. Bosch Power Tools GTS1041A REAXX™ Portable Jobsite Table Saw Takes User Safety to the Next Level, and Saves the Blade Too! Bosch Active Response Technology™ expands to include …

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10 Responses to “ Buy Bosch Power Tools: Bosch Power Tools”

  1. A Concord Carpenter says:

    Bosch Active Response Technology™ expands to include flesh-detecting
    technology to help reduce potential user injury

  2. A Concord Carpenter says:


  3. Tools In Action says:

    Great demo! Good Job Rob

  4. A Concord Carpenter says:

    Hi Guys, I re-did this video. The “B-roll” [close ups] did not come thru so
    I wanted to redo it to show you the close ups!!! ROB

  5. Summers Woodworking says:

    Pretty cool I just wish the price tag was lower.

  6. Man na says:

    $1499 is the MSRP price. Unlike SawStop, Bosch will most likely let
    retailers offer discounts. If the minimum street price is around $800
    without the mobile base, it will own the market.

    My other only concern other than price is the motor. I despise universal
    motors because they are loud. If they don’t offer a quiet motor and the
    price is roughly around the price of the SawStop contractor saw, then it is
    better to save up a few extra hundred dollars and get the SawStop hybrid,
    which is about $1700.

    The blade saving feature is nice, but who really cares after you saved a
    finger or a $100,000 finger reattachment bill. Even if you get your finger
    back, it will never be the same again. I am surprised folks even consider
    this a meaningful criteria. 

  7. Justin Prewitt says:

    It’s great looking. The main problem for most people is going to be the
    price tag. 

  8. Alex Augusta says:

    1499 saw and stand. thats a pretty decent price….99 for 2shot cartridge –
    def cheaper than sawstop where you have to buy a bunch of stuff when you
    trigger the flesh-detector. or even a hospital visit. would be nice to see
    the reaxx technology in a cabinet saw

  9. wayne burgess says:

    Real Engineered Solution.

  10. Emin HVAC says:

    that was cool Rob.