Buy Power Tools: PLANET P PROJECT –...

Buy Power Tools: PLANET P PROJECT – Power Tools.

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14 Responses to “ Buy Power Tools: PLANET P PROJECT –”

  1. 65boogerbutt says:

    I remember when I first heard this. thought it was new ELO. Great tune!

  2. jimmysly8 says:

    My fave song ever! Thanks for posting!

  3. Ivar Fritjof Hansen says:

    good music this one :) )

  4. Doug Baumoel says:

    My 80′s cover band, The Power Tools (philadelphia) covered this fantastic
    tune. Lot’s of fun!

  5. PhilJody says:

    Tony Carry (Lead Singer in Planet P) played in many bands, but he stands
    out in this one. Thx for sharing.

  6. Jeanette Dovheden says:

    one of the best albums ever!

  7. monkeyswrenchs says:

    @lopergrad i don’t know ether but its crazy

  8. Eddie Wimberley says:

    I had this album in the early 80′s! Good stuff! Thanks for posting!

  9. AV Calendar says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have been trying to find it for a
    loooong time!

  10. whitedovegrl66ify says:

    man this needs to be out there this is awsom music!

  11. AV Calendar says:

    This is a song that just begs for a matching video! I’m glad you posted it
    - I’ve been trying to find it for years!

  12. Haris Bleed-R says:

    @PhilJody Tony Carey lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboards, bass, acoustic
    guitars, Roland rhythm composer programs :P

  13. notsignedup says:

    WOW fricken bad, thanks to the upper- double thumbs up here man, this might
    be my all time fav song to outdo ozzy, sabeth, hendrix, who, acdc,
    scorpions, the death, and so many more top 10 bands. this song just speaks
    to me, that life is so easy for us, with a power tool! A++++++++