Chicago Power Rotary Tool Unboxing, First...

Minicraft Power Tools: Chicago Power Rotary Tool Unboxing, First Thoughts…. 10.88 at Harbor Freight. Will NOT cut steel well at all. Seems to sand OK with patience. Have not polished with it yet.

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10 Responses to “ Chicago Power Rotary Tool Unboxing, First”

  1. ThePavementPirate says:

    Yeah, not a bad buy. The bits are not the problem though. It is the lack of
    power in the motor. Just not enough ass to handle cutting steel. I tried it
    on a butter knife. failed miserably. I think it will sand, polish and light
    carving well though. Thanks for watching brother!

  2. Daninja42 says:

    I’ll keep an eye out for one of those.

  3. Tacticalopsec101 says:

    another great video. looks like a more manly version of what i
    kids lost my plug in. good buy for the money though.

  4. jack van valen says:

    How come the shafts on the tools do not fit into the collar..I was waiting
    for you to put onr in and use it!

  5. killerbrovid says:

    I just bought the new set at radio shack. How the heck do I use the drill???

  6. A PP says:

    I purchased the one for 20 bucks – why does it sound like you are in an

  7. ThePavementPirate says:

    Definitely not too bad for the money!

  8. beactivelife says:

    Thats a pretty good pickup at that price. I may have to pick one up if I
    can find one at my local HF. I wonder if you were to upgrade the bits if it
    would cut steel better. Hard to find I would imagine. take care

  9. dustin jones says:

    I just bout it with a coupon for 6.99

  10. ThePavementPirate says:

    Thanks for the compliment my friend, very much appreciated!. It is a pretty
    good little deal. I will use the bits in a dremel for any heavy work
    though. Stay safe!