Demo and Features – Bosch GEX125-1AE...

Bosch Sanders Power Tools: Demo and Features – Bosch GEX125-1AE Random Orbit Palm Sander. – click for more specs. Eric Streuli once again takes us through, in detail, …

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11 Responses to “ Demo and Features – Bosch GEX125-1AE”

  1. Abhimonnu Biswas says:

    I Purchased this Sander from my nearest bosch dealer and its a amazing
    product and i love it and after sanding
    with 120 grit sand paper on my new window,door e.t.c. with this machine, i
    am really speechless with the result 

  2. weerprobeer says:

    Got this tool at Builders WareHouse in South Africa for R890.00. The
    machine is very satisfactory as I am using it to sand down deep etching
    lines on my copperplates for re-use. 80-120-240 Sandpaper. The micro filter
    system is tops!!! 

  3. WV591 says:

    Does anybody remember when these tools weren’t being made in china

  4. indyfootballer says:

    How much is it?

  5. MrToolstop says:

    @rurmundo This one is 250 watt

  6. rcj1942 says:

    Subtitles needed.

  7. png brd says:

    Thank you

  8. rurmundo says:

    loud machine? how many watts gots?

  9. nobaccos says:

    looks week to me

  10. Nitin Golchha says:

    can this be used for waxing / polishing a car

  11. Fons negentienachtenvijftig says:

    Hé dude, did you notice the Mirkas CEROS…By By Bosch !!!