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Power Tools Hilti: dewalt vs hilti. dewalt vs hilti cordeless powerdrill test with a 32mm self feed drill bit from irwin in 4 inch 10cm thick wood in second gear also tried milaukee protool and…

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25 Responses to “Dewalt vs Hilti – Power Tools Hilti”

  1. pipes1187 says:

    hilti is a way better product, dewalt cant take abuse day after day like
    hilti can although im not saying dewalt is not a good product it just dose
    not compare to hilti

  2. marco gojcevic says:

    what is the sense of this video????

  3. ConstructionToolTest says:

    When watching the video the guy puts both in “2nd Gear”. Yes the DeWalt can
    likely do it in first but not second like the Hilti. That drill according
    to the website has 550 ft.lbs of torque and the Hilti has 750 in-lbs. Quite
    a difference. Oh. PS-Starbucksman3 the 36 Volt only has 600 ft-lbs. Bigger
    gas tank with a similar motor.

  4. ene perez says:

    dewalt es el mejo este pendejo no lo sabe usar ,, yo tengo toda mi
    erramienta dewald y son muy rapidos y fuertes

  5. jhitt79 says:

    Love Hilti tools, but disappointed that their being made in china now just
    like everybody else.

  6. scalabration says:

    Disappointing video

  7. kongwolf says:

    yea…. lol

  8. golga333 says:

    I’m kind of surprised you were able to use the DeWalt again after it first
    crapped out. I’ve found you have to recharge their batteries if it meets a
    load it can’t handle.

  9. bammas3 says:

    Hilti shit all over dewalt all day long

  10. rocckk roro says:

    dewalt is the best !!!!!! charge the battery good !!!!!

  11. Michael Hallam says:

    hilti is the way foward,dewalt tools are naff for what you pay for it.i
    used to repair both brands and i find that hilti is far better.

  12. DrinGONatoR says:

    Fuckin hate dewalt

  13. joemfreed says:

    i love my hilti

  14. lioneldewalt4life6 says:

    your such and dum ass. dewalt would beat hilti any day if it was charged.

  15. MyEdo777 says:

    Hilti the best ,,fuck you all

  16. starbucksman3 says:

    I’ll bring over my 36 volt dewalt and will run them fool Hilti is shit

  17. Pinchechon smith smith says:

    charge the battery pinche gringo

  18. gotty80 says:

    I find the Brand new dewalt shit really good actually.

  19. Tony Montana says:

    no offence ..but Dewalt shouldn’t be compared to Hilti…it’s like
    comparing a chevy to a porsche..even though they might have the same
    specs..but Hilti is a beast in power tools & it’s more durable

  20. bart van der landen says:

    allright so this finaly makes an and to the worthless dewalt line, however
    you should neither buy the hilti, just buy any makita and you’ll be an
    happy man

  21. KallenSC says:

    @skjoyner Lol My Milwaukee is always more torgue in same class weight;]
    Dewalt without XPR are very weak, and that is true………

  22. delcdar says:

    @1badpete999 DeWalt DCD970KL – avg. $290 Hilti SFH 18-A – avg $360 and I
    get free batteries for 2 years not sure how you figure Hilti cost 2 1/2
    times Dewalt

  23. BonkersBot says:

    Hilti tools are known for the feeling they give the user of being sucked
    into the material they are drilling! Just go to any real major construction
    site and you will see all the hilti tools!

  24. joelson pinheiro do nascimento says:

    a dewal foi posto no modo errado de uso nesta funsão ela tem que ser usada
    3 mais velocidade para furar madeira, que vai estar na mesma rotação da
    hilti, este teste é preciso está com a mesma velocidade,

  25. conjon11 says:

    thought the new dewalts have all metal gearing?