Fein Power Tools – Behind the Brand...

Fein Power Tools: Fein Power Tools – Behind the Brand. ToolSelect.com visits the Fein factory in Germany to see what goes into their power tools. For more information on Fein tools, visit us at http://www.toolsel…

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4 Responses to “ Fein Power Tools – Behind the Brand”

  1. F & K Power Tools Sydney says:

    Great video. We love using the Multimaster, so it was great to see what
    goes on behind the scenes at Fein.

  2. Selta sevenseven says:

    My multimaster is one of the best tools I own

  3. Robert Perry says:

    Again, your video production on tools is second to none. Toolselect baby!

  4. ToolSELECT.com says:

    we somehow missed this comment Robert. We thank you for the comment. We
    love doing what we do.