Fein Power Tools Multimaster: Fein...

Fein Power Tools Multimaster: Fein MultiMaster FMM 350 Q Oscillating Multitool Review. From the maker of the original oscillating power tool comes the revolutionary design where the motor is independent from the housing causing less vibration t…

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21 Responses to “ Fein Power Tools Multimaster: Fein”

  1. ToolCrazy says:

    Traducido en español con subtitulos

  2. CreativeSoulTV says:

    I love my Fein 350Q and I’m not a tool man or handyman but with this tool I
    will learn to become one. BTW, great review!



  4. Jair Dominguez - Los Bestauradores says:

    excelente herramienta amigo!! muy versatil y muy util.. saludos

  5. Jeremy Neill says:

    This was one Fein video you made Javier as usual. I have the DeWalt
    multitool cordless and love it but I think this og machine blows it away.

  6. RD Richard Fox says:

    Another great review Javier! Pretty sweet tool.

  7. Christopher Kelby says:

    Awesome review Javier. Great that you could show it’s ability to collect
    dust with you Fein vac!

  8. DarkRaptor99 says:

    You can’t beat getting the tool from the company that started building the
    tool first. It seems like I’m seeing a ton of Fein multitool reviews over
    the past few days. I might have to get one of these. Another good review

  9. Braden K says:

    Well, another great vid to seal the deal to add to my life of tools to get.
    Thanks ToolCrazy. FYI, do you think you could start mentioning price ranges
    in your vids? Not hard to look up on my own, but prob would be a nice touch
    for most viewers. Just a suggestion. 


    FEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! de lo mejor!!!!! yo quiero una!!!!!!

  11. regopit44 says:

    Great review Javier. I have a older model and it is loud and vibrates the
    heck out of your hand. I really like your set-up with the vac. I think that
    I’ll wait to see what Festool comes out with.

  12. coon88 says:

    Job well done Javier 

  13. Markus W. says:

    Great review, Javier. The Fein (kinda pronounced “fine” in english) is
    really an awesome multi-tool. And it’s true that it isn’t low-priced. I
    checked it on amazon.de where it costs about 230 Euro (312 Dollar) for the
    basic set and about 556 Euro (753 Dollar) for the 350Q Top Extra including
    the vacuum. Premium price for a premium tool. Thanks a lot for reviewing a

  14. Mike Z says:

    Great review as always Javier!!

  15. Josue Silva says:

    Nice vid hope you keep making more.

  16. OmarLLanas says:

    excelente canal, y excelente review. saludos 

  17. ToolCrazy says:

    ToolCrazy checks out the Fein MultiMaster FMM 350 Q oscillating multitool

  18. FEIN Power Tools Inc. - US says:
  19. Josue Silva says:

    Nice vid hope you keep making more.

  20. trevt99 says:

    Man ever since I saw this on TIA I’ve wanted it so bad, would be a huge
    improvement over mine, (I.E. none lol), but I can’t afford this stuff LOL.
    Awesome tool though and a great review as well!

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