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Power Pro Craft Tools: Gyros PowerPro Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit – Review. We review the Gyros PowerPro Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit for more info go to…

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12 Responses to “ Gyros PowerPro Variable Speed Rotary Tool”

  1. Daniel LaDue says:

    Super thanks… I was wanting a rotary tool, on a limited budget…. But I
    only had afew reviews on Amazon to judge, and we all know how biased some
    of those reviews are… I was totally at a loss for what to buy on the
    internet, but this review let me feel good about my deciscion to go with
    this Gyro kit .

  2. Cody Robertson says:

    Looks like the best rotary tool that I’ve ever seen with all the
    attachments and work light. My Dremel doesn’t have nothing on that, that
    Gyros a beast.

  3. GyrosTools says:

    @hankseptember Burring would not give a good surface finish. Filling,
    grinding or buffing with rotary tool will clear the burrs.

  4. GyrosTools says:

    @hankseptember Yes it does come with a few.

  5. hankseptember says:

    oh!…thanx for the reply..i need to know something,would burring threw
    plexiglass be a good idea?

  6. Jay Braun says:

    how is it cutting thin metal?

  7. 2LateIWon says:

    that would be great for porting and polishing heads and intake

  8. Wade Thomas says:

    This video was exactly what I was looking for!!! Thanks

  9. Tools In Action says:

    Works good

  10. hankseptember says:

    thats allright,i was just wondering if this tool was powerful enuff to dig
    into some plexiglass using carbite burs. thnx again

  11. hankseptember says:

    i wonder if there is a bur attachment?

  12. jp says:

    how does it do with metal?