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Craft Power Tools: Koala Kraft – FTB Server – Episode 37 – Power Tools & The Compound. Today we craft a sweet power tool and then I show you where the future compound of Sigils industries will be! *SOCIAL MEDIA* Twitter: @mightysigils (http://b…

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16 Responses to “ Koala Kraft – FTB Server – ”

  1. Toteledlemon081 says:

    Sigils, if you click on the “?” near an items recipe in the NEI while in
    the fabricator you can auto put the recipe on the left side to craft.

  2. Bomm234 says:

    What happened to the tree house?

  3. darkestfortress says:

    you can upgrade power armor leggings so that their faster than quantum

  4. Derpynesspvp says:

    Oh my fucking god

  5. Dman Gardner says:

    good job

  6. Cozzy258 says:

    ooh wisp dungeon

  7. EngineerDeven says:

    you have barely scratched the surface of these mods. there are so many mods
    you have yet to touch. even if you seen all the mods you have yet to mix
    and match them

  8. pherchy says:

    full amperage no voltage

  9. TheAmazingCranberry says:

    I suggest you make use of those caves as “corridors” in the building. Also,
    congratulations on your finals :)

  10. Emily Reedus says:

    LOOK MY BBZ. But no, seriously. Do you need that many factories

  11. Jared Schroeder says:

    not so impenetrable now huh

  12. DitryDee says:

    I’m excited for us to get more into different mods. I’m likin the new
    facility design. Keep it up! Congrats on being out of school, excited for
    new content.

  13. Jared Schroeder says:


  14. MrHotCocoa says:


  15. Bomm234 says:

    Do your armpits smell like daffodils mixed with peanut butter.

  16. universalforce77 says: