Lawn Power Tools: EGO Power + 56 Volt...

Lawn Power Tools: EGO Power + 56 Volt battery operated lawn equipment — FIRST LOOK. EGO is a new line of battery operated lawn equipment that will be available to purchase through The Home Depot in April of 2014. The entire line of tools is …

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10 Responses to “ Lawn Power Tools: EGO Power + 56 Volt”

  1. Workshop Addict says:

    Here is the first look at the new Ego Line of 56 volt battery operated lawn
    tools that are due out in April of this year.

    EGO Power + 56 Volt battery operated lawn equipment — FIRST LOOK

  2. WILL SENGER says:

    Bought this with the weed whacker today. Expensive, perhaps, but great
    technology and easy to use. I love the easy storage with this mower folding
    up the way it does and the high torque of the 56 volt system. Looking
    forward to the summer now!

  3. relentlessmadman says:

    me want tiller and chain saw toooooo

  4. introspectre says:

    They could make a mint by aiming their advertisements at those of us who
    are disabled and find the maintenance, set up, clean up of motor powered
    machinery too time and energy consuming.

    If this came with a solar power charging option, I’d be sold. Sure, it
    would take days, but how often do you mow the lawn? It would be great for
    off grid living.

  5. John Xiong says:

    Nice, always hate dealing with gas small engines! Will definitely take a
    closer look at these!

  6. wildman24jg says:

    Wish it was self propelled that’s what brought me to the black & Decker

  7. Bald Shaun says:

    Any chance of getting a head to head comparison between the EGO and Lowe’s
    competing Kobalt line of battery powered lawn equipment?|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_qty_sales_dollar%7C1&facetInfo=#BVRRWidgetID

  8. Eutrophication12345 says:

    Hello Work addict
    Do you know if I can use the 4 ohm battery in a trimmer or a 2 ohm
    battery in the mower?

  9. Nic l says:

    For the cost of those you can get a new low end rider 38 inch deck or a
    bigger nicer used rider

  10. WorkshopAddict says: