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Lawn Power Tools: How to Replace the Line in a Black & Decker Grasshog : Lawn Care & Power Tools. Subscribe Now: Watch More: Replacing the line in a Black & D…

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17 Responses to “ Lawn Power Tools: How to Replace the Line”

  1. Altair Ramar says:

    I have a GH3000 which is a single line feed which I like more than a 2
    line. Like the eHow guy says, how to wrap the line on the spool means
    everything. You have to carefully wrap a single row across the spool, then
    back again. It’s a little tough first time you do it but it gets easier
    with time. You have no tangle problems due to line feed unless there is
    something else wrong with your machine.

  2. roxydog2004 says:

    How about the single string , all I see on here is double lines

  3. nina ty says:

    my question is the line on my spool comes loose everytime I start it. what
    could be the problem?. in short the line keep on unwinding wrap around the

  4. Jim Beran says:

    I think my problem is using “recycled” material for the line (black in
    color). I eat it up like crazy. When it jams, I notice cuts in the line
    on the spool that were not there when I wrapped it originally. I’m all for
    going green, but turning a 1/2 hour job into a 4 hour job replacing line is
    just not my choice. I’ve even tried soaking 20 feet of line in hot water
    to get the curl out as I thought that might be the problem. I bought 3
    machines from 3 different big box stores and returned them and all had the
    same problem. They were all the same machine. So, my guess is that it is
    the type of line and not the machine. My old machine lasted for years
    before I had to rewind and it was .6 line. I up graded to .8 or 2 mm. Not
    an improvement until I get a new spool of line find out. I don’t over fill
    the spool either. All FYI.

  5. Ro Efa says:

    The holes don’t always hold the line securely. I over-insert the line, melt
    a little blob on the ends with a lighter, then pull it back. Also, it’s
    better to determine approximately how much line it takes to “almost” fill
    each side of the spool and pre-cut two of those before winding. That
    prevents the tangled mess Mark was making in this video and allows the line
    to feed better… obvious that he had never used one of these trimmers
    ! But otherwise a good demo.

  6. Betty Ford says:

    Thank you so much, these were really great instructions.

  7. Zenia Rene says:

    Thank you for these instructions!

  8. Tim Smith says:

    My question is to both spools, upper and lower, get wound the same
    direction (as per the arrow?)

  9. Bill Blackford says:

    If you use line that is too heavy it will unwind no matter how tight and
    uniform you wind it. Make sure to use the recommended diameter line. 

  10. nakedluck11 says:

    Is there any mods to fix the poor design of the auto feeder? Its been said
    to go through line as fast as you install it.

  11. attatae says:

    Thanks for the vid, some good tips such as not overlapping the line. Next
    time, some close-ups would be helpful too.

  12. attatae says:

    Someone had a similar issue for a black and decker gh710/hg, and here’s
    their vid – How to fix your Grasshog trimmer black and decker gh700 gh600,
    just search that. They used a rhino mod or similar name.

  13. Daniel Samudio says:
  14. Ricky Cardenas says:

    i don’t understand i did the same thing as the video instructed and the
    wire keeps unwinding and warping around the machine 

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