Lowe S Power Tools: Troy-Bilt Squall 2100...

Lowe S Power Tools: Troy-Bilt Squall 2100 Snow Thrower from Lowes In Action. Tools in action checks out the Squall 2100 Snow Thrower. See the full review http://professional-power-tool-guide.com/2012/01/troybilt-squall-2100-snow-thrower/

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11 Responses to “ Lowe S Power Tools: Troy-Bilt Squall 2100”

  1. jesus jones says:

    yeah needs light carb clean – if you mix the oil and gas in the tank in the
    cold the oil will clump its way right into the carb and be too thick to be
    passed – all brass internals on this one – pull it apart and spray it out.

  2. Rich Lo says:

    You know that ain’t Chicago. Maybe something 30miles away. 

  3. Whitewing156 says:

    Best $500 I ever spent.

  4. D Storm says:

    Sneakers in snow = bad idea for many reasons.

  5. donb1183 says:

    The engine is running lean and surging; needs a little choke or a carb

  6. Tools In Action says:

    @kylewagman LOL. Not that we blowing. I think Dan meant some of the drifts
    were 6″. He gets a little excited and forgets what he is saying sometimes

  7. 2LateIWon says:

    Not bad for such a little machine. I think all pull start engines should
    have that big handle

  8. Kyle W says:

    Nice!!! More please! However, what your blowing is not 6in!

  9. Tools In Action says:

    @2LateIWon Your right. Better on your back lol

  10. FloppyHatPhotos says:

    How much is the house? Does that include you keeping the drive clear?

  11. Tools In Action says:

    @FloppyHatPhotos Ha, You could probably get from the bank for under 300K
    plus Tools In Action would keep the driveway clear. lol