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Magnetic Drills Power Tools: Mag Drill Unboxing – Milwaukee 4270-21 & 49-22-8410 Annular Cutters. Having a look at this beast of a tool! Interested in A Career In Welding? Click Here: This item on the Milwaukee Website: …

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26 Responses to “ Magnetic Drills Power Tools: Mag Drill”

  1. gary mathews says:

    you could use a good file to touch up the bottom of the bit ,to keep it
    sharp .

  2. drom industry says:

    What in the hell do you need a mag drill for? 

  3. Sjuul CNC says:

    made in germany beats made in us every time

  4. jluzny92 says:

    i have way more experience with mag drills then id like to admit to…if
    you dont have a good clean surface, or usually anything vertical you’ll
    find yourself pushing your whole body weight on the damn thing, or sitting
    on it, have the time they’ll still dance around.

  5. Poor Man Mods says:

    wonder how long those bits last

  6. ChuCk230e says:

    I really want to get a mag drill but the price vs use isn’t there. So I
    guess I’ll have to wait for the time to come that I need one

  7. Douglas Alan says:

    BTW. Pick up a few acid brushes and a can of Crisco. I’t a better lube than
    what you’re using.

  8. motosheep says:

    ChuckE2009 check out the hexarmor gloves, they have the highest puncture
    and cut resistance out there. So those shavings wont poke you.

  9. xXBuckOFiveXx says:

    Used one with a 4 1/2″ hole saw for some vertical cuts in 1″ steel and all
    I have to say is make sure the mounting surface is clean and flat. Only
    came off once in 40 cuts.

  10. PilgrimTitan says:


  11. Cruiser Mac says:

    Definitely a hand tool to have!

  12. jamcat62 says:

    Nice! Only bad thing is you have to buy a jacobs chuck so you can use
    regular drill bits. I’ve used an old Milwaukee mag drill, and the only
    problem I had was getting the bit lined up with the punch marks. :) )

  13. Craig Schofield says:

    I have never seen one of those types of drills before….cool tool for
    sure!….As the ole saying goes…the one that dies with the most tools
    wins! :-) 

  14. Mekhanic1 says:

    Break the chips be letting up every 20 seconds.

  15. douglas palmer says:

    totally awesome bit of kit

  16. Fullthrottle440 says:


  17. MRrwmac says:

    You are a lucky guy and are right, that does look like an awesome machine.
    3/4″ steel and the base did not budge! Niceeeee!
    Maybe you could mount it sideways and use it to drill out holes for pipe or
    bushings also. Have fun with it and thanks for sharing.

  18. Frank Koller says:

    great machine !! i think i buy me a Bosch Grinder made in USA :D 

  19. STEVE JONES says:

    hey chuckie save them slugs that come out of the bit they would make
    nice pegs for some thing or welding them to a flat stock and a hole on the
    other piece for a hing thing they will come in handy 

  20. verdatum says:

    As a self-taught outsider, I didn’t even know this was a thing.

  21. R HEIDEMAN says:

    Just keep in mind that the thinner the material the less the magnet holds.
    Good to know for overhead jobs. 

  22. Douglas Alan says:

    Is it China too….. like our 8″ Metal slicers ?

  23. Richard Axley says:

    Hi Chucke2009,
    I’m really enjoying your welding videos, although I mostly concentrate on
    your welding instruction videos. Would you consider getting a collection of
    your instruction videos, maybe separating them by welding type (TIG, MIG,
    stick, etc.) and selling them for a nominal price?

    I just ‘sprung’ for the weldingtipsandtricks video set from 2011 thru 2013
    and I’m glad I did. They weren’t too cheap about $100, but they were worth
    it to me (and others, I’m curious how many sets he has sold!), I’m learning
    and need all the help I can get.
    Your videos are just as good. You have a good onscreen ‘presence’, speak
    well, have a nice dry sense of humor, and have good subjects. I think you
    could ‘pick up’ a few bucks (whatever you charge) and just as important (I
    think you are serious in your dedication to advancing welding in general,
    and welding instruction-by you showing your (few) mistakes, and things like
    the videos showing beads that were welded too fast, too slow, too much
    amperage, etc. ) you could help out beginners like me with a lot of things
    like your vertical welding video with 7018 and others videos where you were
    doing (and explaining the difference) 6010, 6011, 6013 and (I think) 7018.
    I appreciated the difference between the ‘quick set’ and deep penetration
    6010, 6011 and the other more wider and smoother weld (not as deep too)
    like the 7018, and 6013
    In any case, keep the videos coming!! Yee-haw!!

    BTW, I admire Texas in general. They used to have some kind of award
    (tongue in cheek, and I don’t know who ‘awarded’ it) where you could be a
    ‘honorary Texan’-I’ve got to get one of those!!

  24. Da Mann says:

    That Mag Drill is AWESOME!! I’ve got to get one!

  25. jack johnson says:

    short stroke the pressure and it will break the shaving so they dont wrap
    around the cutter .nice drill 

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